The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar calendar. As a result, the timing of high holidays varies from year to year. Rosh Hashanah is the next Jewish holiday approaching, and it begins on September 6th this year.

As the holiday season approaches, kosher grocers build up their inventories to meet the extraordinary holiday demand.

One of the kosher supermarkets dealing with the influx of demand is Pomegranate Grocery in Brooklyn, NY.

Pomegranate Grocery is among the largest kosher grocers in the NY Metropolitan area and is facing an extraordinary demand for their food this holiday season.


Portables360 supports these grocers by providing the store with short-term rentals of cold storage containers.

With a limited amount of space, Pomegranate Grocery obtains DOT permits to allow our units to be housed directly in front of a major road in Brooklyn, NY.

We couldn’t be happier to assist our clients to ensure that both the store and all of their customers have a safe and efficient holiday shopping experience!

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