Custom Services

Customize your box to meet your needs

Allow our team to assess your needs and fit a unit that’s right for you. We can build units to adapt to just about any application.

Shipping containers have become one of the best building materials available on the market. These solid built storage containers can easily convert into anything that you can imagine. Contractors are building homes, apartment buildings, and even hotels with these containers. Business owners are converting them into workshops and storage units. Homeowners have found that they are a great garage, tool shed, or hobby area. 

The uses for these shipping containers are numerous. Many charity organizations and government entities have found that these containers are perfect for disaster relief. Not only can they be converted into emergency office space and treatment centers, but they also can bring much-needed supplies into these areas. 

Farmers and specialty growers have found that these shipping containers make perfect hydroponic areas because the environment can be controlled. Restaurants, grocery stores, and florists have all found that customized shipping containers are easily converted for cold storage for their businesses. It is the perfect way to increase usable space for your business without having to build a larger building. 

Portables360 has on-site designers and fabricators that can customize your reefer trailer or standard container into exactly what you need for your end goal. Do you need a unit that can maintain different temperatures within the same space? No problem. Do you need a container to be set up with multiple units inside? Speak with one of our Customer Care specialists to find out what we can do to make your shipping container perfect for your project. 

Multi temperature unit built with two shipping containers - one for cooler; one for freezer

Multi-Temperature Units

Convert one reefer into two temperature zones by adding an insulated and movable bulkhead. This allows you to store both frozen and chilled cargo at the same time!

specialized shipping container units converted into living or working space with lighting, windows and special flooring

Specialized Multi-Temperature Units

Our technical team can specialize units that may include specially mounted condenser units and extruded aluminum or flat floors. Continue designing your cooler/freezer with interior lighting, shelving, remote switches, recessed thermometer, temperature alarms, plastic strip curtains and more.

cold storage trailer converted to a blast freezer for food or medical storage

Blast Freezers

We will design a box around your cargo. Whether it’s meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, medical or scientific products, we will work with the manufacturers to build the container to maintain specific temperatures and suit your operation. Blast freezers are designed to meet each customers individual requirements.

storage trailers converted to temporary restaurants, retail stores, lockers/on-site storage, offices, houses, walk-in coolers, greenhouses, communication centers, emergency care centers

Other Designs

Our units have thousands of applications. We can modify/design a box to be: temporary restaurants, retail stores, lockers/on-site storage, offices, houses, walk-in coolers, greenhouses, communication centers, emergency care centers, and much more!