Storage Temperatures

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While we can provide guidance on storage temperatures, we suggest you consult USDA guidelines maintain a safe and compliant environment.


FDA food storage guidelines

Portables360 has a complete line of refrigerated containers that you can use to store your goods. Foods, medicines, beverages, flowers, and many other products must be maintained at a specific temperature to stay fresh and viable. Our reefers have the ability to keep the entire container at the temperature you set consistently. 

The design of our refrigeration system keeps the air flowing through the container for even cooling. Unlike some containers where the end near the refrigeration unit is very cold and the opposite end is warmer and creates spoilage, our systems push the cool air through the trailer for even cooling. 

We have additional ways that we can help you keep your product cool. Installing temperature control curtains on the entrance of your container will also help maintain temperature control. In this way, even when you open the container and move things in and out, the cool air remains inside the container. 

Portables360 also can customize your reefer container to manage two different temperature settings. Some products require a colder temperature than others to stay fresh. To optimize the space, we can create two different cooling zones. You get the most from your container! 

Speak with one of our Customer Care Representatives about your refrigeration needs. We will recommend which type of unit would consistently provide you with the best refrigeration or make suggestions for any special upgrades or add-ons that could give you the temperature that you need.