Add-On Options

Accessorize to meet your needs

Portables360 is pleased to offer our clients many different add-on options for their shipping containers. These options will enhance the usability of the shipping containers and provide extra benefits and conveniences. We have many standard options that you can select from that will fit into either the reefer or standard trailers and for either size offered. 

Some of the most common add-on options that we offer include:  

  • Interior Lighting. We will install LED lighting within your container so that you always have a well-lit area to work. As a benefit, LED lighting takes much less energy to produce brighter lights.
  • Shelving. We can install as much or as little shelving as you need to meet your endgoal. Our shelving is sturdy and is available in a variety of sizes.
  • Generator.A backup energy source is always a great idea when you are using a reefer container for cold storage. If the power goes out, simply turn on the generator to protect your goods.
  • Dock Height Chassis. We can alter the height of your container so that it will easily fit into a loading dock area.
  • Side Doors or Roll Up Doors. Need custom doors for your project? We can install the right type of doors to make using the container easier.
  • Electric Outlets. Will you be using the container as a work area? We will install as many electrical outlets as you need to make your workshop usable.
  • Cold Curtains. Control temperature better with the proper temperature control curtains in place.
  • Security Features. Most containers have a single entrance, and this entrance seals tightly shut. However, there are additional security features available upon request. 

Additional add-on options are available. Speak with one of our Customer Service Specialists to learn how we can enhance your container for optimal use. 

Custom options are endless! We can add windows, doors, sliders, fans, electrical outlets, security features, and more. Below are just a few common add-ons for to our equipment:

interior lighting system add-on for storage unit

Interior Lighting

Make a safe and bright working environment with the interior lighting. We can install either incadescent or LED lighting to ensure your storage is never dark.

generator system for storage unit


Need a backup in the event of electrical failure? Do you have have ample electrical supply? Our generators come with a large fuel tank, diesel engine, generator, battery and all operating controls.

Chassis of Portables 360 storage container

Dock Height / Chassis

Chassis are typically used to haul containerized cargo over the road. Customers also request their containers and reefers to be mounted on chassis to allow for dock height loading/unloading.

Insulating curtain for storage container

Insulating Curtains

Keep the cold air in, and the hot air out! These curtains provide additional insulation limiting the temperature fluxtuations inside the container while the doors are open. We can also provide insulated bulkheads that will compartmentalize your walk in and help retain the cold temperatures.

shipping container with cooling system


While many customers use their own shelving and arrange the inside of our containers to fit their own custom needs, we do offer installation of heavy duty, rigid shelves.

shipping container refrigeration system

Side or Roll-Up Door

Side doors and/or roll-up doors allow for easier access.