FAQs about Storage Containers

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Portables360 is a full service cold and mobile storage solutions provider. We have a knowledgeable and helpful staff that will answer all your questions about our different containers. We have found, however, that there are some very common questions that nearly all of our clients ask. 

The following FAQs about storage containers will answer many of your most common questions. This gives you the knowledge you need to decide which type of trailer best accommodates your needs. Regardless if the questions are answered here, we encourage you to call us with any questions!  It is our job to answer your questions.  It’s part of our “Great Service” commitment. 

Is the refrigerated container the same as a refrigerated trailer?

Yes. The refrigerated container comes with additional benefits. They include, but are not limited to: better efficiency, increased security, greater temperature thresholds, zero emissions, quieter operation, and indoor/outdoor use.

Is the refrigerated container the same as a walk-in cooler?

Yes. The refrigerated container may be used in place of a standard walk-in cooler. The refrigerated container comes with a few benefits that include, but are not limited to: portability, reduced capital costs, no permitting headaches, easy hookup, and increased space.

How long does it take for the refrigerated container to be delivered once documentation is completed?

We can typically deliver the unit within 48 hours.

Will I need special permits to rent a container for my property?

While we defer to our customers’ local zoning rules, we find most authorities do not require special permitting for the containers.  Typically, permitting is required when the units are built into the building changing the building’s footprint.

Is the container a refrigerator or freezer?

All of our containers are programmable from -20°F to +70°F.  Moreover, our units are designed to maintain the programmed temperatures in the most extreme environments.

How do you deliver the container?

Units can be delivered on flatbed trailer, tilt-deck trailer, or on a chassis.  The tilt-deck delivery allows us to ground the unit[s] exactly where you need it.  The flat-bed delivery will require you to unload with a forklift, crane, or other handling machine.  Delivery on a chassis allows us to position/park the unit for easy loading dock access.

How secure is the container?

Each of the swing doors on the container have 2 locking bars.  Each of these locking bars may be locked.  In addition, special container/trailer locks are available to secure the units.  Simply, the container is highly secure.

Are these containers easy to operate?

All of our units come equipped with a highly intuitive computer system.  We provide every customer with the basic operating manual for their ongoing reference.  Additionally, and upon delivery, we visit the customers’ site to go over the basic operating procedures and computer panel.

Can we move the box once it is grounded on the site?

You can move our units anytime.  Simply unplug and reposition.  Depending on how the unit[s] were delivered, they can be moved with forklift[s], tilt-deck trailers, winch, or truck.

Can I just plug my container into my existing power outlet?

All of our units are equipped with a 50-60’ cable fitted with a 4-pin / 440v marine plug.  While these plugs may be removed and hardwired by your local electrician, we also provide our customers with the female receptacle for easy quick connect AND disconnect.  We are always available to assist your electrician with the necessary connections and power requirements.