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portable shipping container on ground

Prepare to receive your container

  1. Surface Preparation – The foundation for where the units are
    placed must be stable enough to support the weight of the container. Concrete, asphalt, gravel and crushed concrete all work well. A level area is preferable. Cinderblocks, railroad ties, or wooden blocks all work well;
  2. Access – Make sure you have sufficient access for a) the delivery truck, b) for you to access the cargo through the swing doors once the unit is grounded, and c) proper airflow for the refrigeration unit (>5ft);
  3. Electrical – Make sure you have proper electrical supply operate the refrigeration units;
shipping container with cooling system
cargo trailer

Easy operation of your container

  1. Make sure you have the correct electrical supply at all times;
  2. Do not obstruct airflow when loading your products inside the containers. Do not stack your products close to the ceiling or doors;
  3. Try not to leave the doors open;
  4. When entering the container for an extended period of time, shut the unit off and turn it back on when you are finished.
  5. Inspect the refrigeration unit periodically for any area that appears to be oil stained. This can indicate the start of a refrigerant leak.
  6. Keep the condenser coil clean, especially during the warmer weather.