Shipping and/or cold cargo containers have become increasingly popular with the general public.  Storage containers have multiple uses. People upcycle these containers to use as homes and workshops.  They are used as solutions for personal storage space. Even hospitals and rehab facilities utilize them.  Less known is the fact that refrigerated containers are also available for public use.

Top 6 Uses for Cold Cargo Containers:

Seasonal Food Storage

Reduce the amount of food loss you have after harvesting your crops.  By placing the food items into cold storage, you can keep these foods fresher for an extended period. Additionally, you’ll Increase and protect your harvest. Use of climate-controlled units that are easy to set up.  Even maintenance is simple for the units!  And food storage units can be customized.  Add shelves.  Put in extra lighting.  Portables360 has several add-on features.

Top 6 Uses for Cold Cargo Container

Restaurant Food Storage

Restaurants often face issues when trying to expand. Limited space means limited areas for food storage. As a result, more money is spent.  And, oftentimes, one of the most viable solutions is overlooked by restaurant owners: refrigerated storage containers. These containers can hold food at the right temperature.  They meet all health codes and can easily be placed at the rear of the property for convenience and aesthetic purposes.

Grocery Store Cold Storage

Buying in bulk allows grocery stores to keep prices down and offer sale items to their customers. However, storing these bulk purchases can be a challenge. The solution is using a customized cold storage container. They are cost-effective and convenient.

Top 6 Uses for Cold Cargo Container

Outdoor or Indoor Events

Festivals, fairs, and sporting events almost always involve food and drink areas. Therefore, organizers for these events need reliable cold storage solutions to meet demands of their patrons. These events take place in open areas where typical food storage is not available. Or storage is inconsistent.  Cold storage containers hold food and drinks at the right temperature for the length of your event.

Top 6 Uses for Cold Cargo Container

Construction or Job Site Cold Storage

Construction sites need cold storage solutions for their crew. There are several reasons that construction sites may need this type of storage. Storing chemicals or other hazardous materials need to be temperature regulated.  And having a temperature controlled office or break space for the crew is important on a job site.  Additionally, a storage unit converted to a mobile office is a business asset.

Natural Disasters – Emergency Situations

When a natural disaster or national emergency occurs, there is a vital need for cold storage. Medicines, food, and water need to be brought into these areas.  This is crucial.  They need to be preserved. Areas that are lacking electricity have nowhere to house these necessities. Using cargo containers run by generators can solve this problem and bring help to those in need.

These are only six of the top reasons for cold cargo containers.  There are many more, to be sure.  Portables 360 works with their customers to create custom refrigerated storage solutions.  Our products are reliable and affordable.