Transporting and setting up a shipping container will require the assistance of some heavy machinery. Most shipping containers that have been customized can weigh about 15,000 pounds! Your choices for storage container set up will either be a crane or a heavy-duty forklift that is rated for 15,000 pounds or higher. 

Storage Container Set Up

Following are benefits of using either a crane or a forklift.  If you’re unsure how to correctly set up your storage container, Portables360 will assist you.

Benefits of Using A Crane 

All containers are designed to accommodate the use of a crane for storage container transport. Routinely, these containers are lifted on and off ships.  Oftentimes they need to be stacked several high when they are used for cargo. A crane makes this type of movement very easy. 

Cranes can be useful if you need to load the shipping container straight from a ship onto a truck for transport.  In addition, cranes are important if you need to take a container off a truck and put it into a hard to reach area that a forklift cannot accommodate. Cranes are also necessary if you are going to stack containers to create a multi-container structure. 

Benefits of Using A Forklift 

When it comes to storage container transport, using a forklift to place the container on a truck is the easiest and perhaps the fastest way to move the unit.   Moving a shipping container short distances generally requires only a forklift. For instance,moving containers in a shipping yard is typically done with a forklift.  Additionally, most containers that have been customized for the client are sitting on the ground or a platform.  This is another example where  using a forklift is the right choice. 

If you are moving the container around a storage yard or around your personal property, depending on the terrain, a forklift will most likely be the right choice. Forklifts are also more accessible to many businesses in comparison to having a crane handy to move their storage units. 

Safety Matters in Storage Container Set Up

In addition to the heavy equipment necessary for storage container set up, you will also need several people to complete the task. For safety reasons, you should have one person operating the equipment and two or more people guiding the operator from different positions to make sure it is moved safely.