It’s always inspirational to learn about the journey of a successful startup.

Stani Dairy is a Greek yogurt company that began years ago on a family farm in Greece. The company’s founder Ignatios Vasilellis spent the bulk of his life learning about farming and dairy before moving to the United States to share that knowledge and pursue his dreams.

The company first entered a market saturated with other mass-producing Greek yogurt companies. Stani Dairy stood out by using only locally sourced dairy and creating every product by hand.

Since the move to the United States in 2015, Stani Dairy has grown and expanded.

Today, the company now imports and produces a private label feta direct from Greece!

With a production capacity of nearly 75,000 kilos of yogurt per month (roughly 165,000 pounds), the business is in need of acquiring additional products to support their growth.

Stani Dairy in Connecticut contacted Portables 360 to provide the products they needed for their expansion.


Second Refrigeration Unit

Within days of receiving a call about their need to expand, our team at Portables 360 coordinated the delivery of the second, 40’ refrigerated container.

Stani Dairy has grown so much that they required a second refrigeration unit in just two years!

The business now has two massive units: one for production and one for the final/deliverable product.


Walk-In vs. Container

One of the hardest parts about getting an additional unit is making the choice between a walk-in cooler or a container.

The cost was certainly a factor, but the customer at Stani Dairy realized that the installation of a walk-in would take too much time and capital investment. Additionally, a walk-in would take away too much space of the needed production floor.

Instead of building an additional walk-in cooler inside their warehouse, they opted to receive one of our containers. By parking just outside their production space, they have full and easy access to their Portables 360 container.

Portables 360 is proud to provide growing businesses with cold storage containers. Our team is committed to providing fast and professional service.


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