Employees who have to work in remote areas struggle emotionally.   Harsh environmental conditions can quickly become overwhelming.  Weather makes work difficult.  There’s a simple solution for your business.  Providing employees with a clean and safe place to store their personal belongings improves morale.  A secure place like a shipping container storage locker to shower or use the restroom is vital to employees as well.  All of these are a great way to help improve attitudes and lessen harsh working conditions. 

Shipping Containers as Storage Lockers 


A 40-foot shipping container is a perfect choice in creating a locker room area for your employees. Shipping containers as storage lockers is affordable and reliable.  They can be fitted with plumbing for a bathroom and shower area.  The unused portion of the container can be converted into personal locker space and bench seating for employees to use and relax during breaks.  Keeping employees comfortable before and after shifts improves productivity. 

Shipping containers have full climate control functions. Therefore, employees have a place to cool off or get warm when necessary. In addition to the lighting, additional outlets can be installed for charging stations. 

Convenience for Employers = Relief For Employees 


Using shipping containers as an industrial locker room set up has several benefits for the company. Shipping containers are very affordable.   Including customization, they have a much longer lifespan than mobile homes or similar trailers used for this purpose. 

A shipping container is completely portable and can be placed in any area. When you are completed with the job site, simply move the shipping container storage locker to your next project. Shipping containers can be moved often without having to worry about structural integrity.  This avoids a common problem with trailers. 

Shipping containers are also more durable in harsher weather conditions. These containers were initially designed to protect merchandise under the harshest conditions as they moved around the world.  Your employees will always be protected from the weather inside the shipping container storage locker. This durability also helps extend the life of the container. 

Repurposing a shipping container is a cost-effective way to boost employee morale.  You also protect your employees from harsh working conditions. Reusable containers can be moved each time your job site changes, making them an excellent investment for your company.