Shipping Container Shed Ideas.  Shipping containers have become very popular outside of the shipping industry. These containers have become a favorite item for building homes, adding additions to commercial properties, and even as farming or growing containers. The latest trend in the shipping container industry is back yard sheds.   Think:  She Shed/Man Cave!

People are finding that these containers provide them with the ultimate base for a shed. The size and structure of these containers, ranging from 10 foot to 40 feet in length, is perfect for creating a customized backyard shed. 

Shipping containers can be fitted with shelving, lighting, electrical outlets, and air conditioning.  Refrigerated containers even provide extra insulation for those who want a temperature-controlled shed.  While protecting the contents from the weather. the design and construction enhance security  

You can create the ultimate man-cave or she-shed. Build a workroom or hobby area. Brew craft beer or make wine in a temperature-controlled shed. Create a shed that will hold all of your yard equipment safely. 

Advantages Over A Container Shed vs. Standard Shed 

The first advantage of using a container shed is the materials used for construction. A standard shed is generally made from wood or wood with a vinyl covering. The wooden sheds need to be weather treated with paint.  If not, the wood will begin to rot within the first year. Vinyl sheds must also be cared for to prevent mildew or algae growth.  This is especially true in warmer climates.  

A shipping container is made from heavy gauge steel that is specially treated to withstand weather conditions. This steel is thick and sturdy and is capable of holding up to 240 thousand pounds on top of the roof (the equivalent of 5 full containers). This makes a container shed perfect for areas with snowfall.  The weather coating prevents rotting or rusting for a minimum of 10 years,.  Most containers won’t need a fresh coat of paint for around 15 years. 

The second benefit to using a shipping container is the door. The container door has a double sealed edge which prevents anything from entering the container. This includes bugs and more importantly, rodents. Rodents are attracted to sheds because they provide a “safe’ place to hide away from people, predators, and the weather. They also like to use these areas for breeding. Having a container shed prevents this from happening. 

One of the final benefits of using a storage container as a shed is the cost. The overall cost per square foot averages about $10 less per square foot for a container then a shed. You can get more square footage in a container than a standard shed.  Plus the set-up cost is less expensive.  Overall, using a shipping container as a shed for your back yard or property is a great idea. 

Shipping Container Shed Ideas