Shipping containers are designed to be sturdy and secure. These metal containers often travel across the country to move merchandise through inclement weather conditions. A shipping container is constructed from 16-gauge galvanized steel making it extremely sturdy and weather resistant. The design also includes a single cargo door making these containers secure.  

Once a shipping container is repurposed, it still provides the new owner with incredible strength and security. Since many people customize their containers by adding personnel doors and windows, additional security measures may need to be considered. Options you may want to add to your container include: 

Security Options for a Shipping Container

Keypad Entry 

If you have added a personnel door to your container, you may wish to consider adding coded access. This is especially good for containers that are in an area with heavy foot traffic or access to a public space. The coded entry can be changed for different people.  You can always monitor who has access to the unit. 

shipping container security

Security Lighting 

Shipping container security can be greatly enhanced with the proper security lighting. You can add motion-activated lighting to all areas of the unit.  Additionally, lighting can be added that you turn on and off manually. Security lighting is vital for businesses.  

Latch Guards 

If you need heavy-duty container security, you may want to consider a latch guard. Latch guards are steel pieces that are bolted over the locks on the container to prevent forced entry. When installed correctly, necessary personnel can still access the unit while others are deterred. 

Window Bars 

Many containers that are used for a work space have windows added to the unit to allow natural light to flow into the container. In some instances, these windows may present a point of entry for burglars. If security is a concern, you may want to have burglar bars installed on the windows.

shipping container security

Cargo Lock Box 

When a shipping container is used for storage, many people just leave the cargo door as the only entrance into the unit. These doors are designed to be secure.  However, if you feel that you need extra security, a lock box may be the answer. A lock box is welded around the locking mechanism of the cargo door, making it virtually impossible for anyone to use bolt cutters and destroy the locking mechanisms. 

As noted, shipping container security can be addressed by many methods.  Portables360 will help you determine the best security for your particular business.