Areas around the United States are experiencing a shortage of schools. These same areas are also experiencing a shortage of space to build new schools. Some areas are just in need of new buildings since the older schools are no longer safe.  Or refurbishing them would be exceptionally expensive. What is the solution? A portable container classroom. 

Custom shipping containers have been used for everything from creating a beautiful home to creating a hydroponic farm. These containers have been used to construct hotels and to convert into breweries. Now, the latest trend is to have shipping containers refurbished into brand new schools. 

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly Shipping Container Classroom

Shipping containers refurbished into classrooms are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. You are repurposing a container instead of allowing it to go to waste.  And you are also taking advantage of all of the benefits of these strong containers. 

Shipping containers are designed to move product across oceans. They must be extremely strong to prevent damage to the products contained inside. They must be weatherproof because many travel on the top deck of a ship and are exposed to the weather. These shipping containers must also be well-constructed to make sure that they can transport goods securely. 

Containers can be easily transformed into portable shipping container classrooms. Several schools that have already been constructed in this manner use between 30 and 50 containers to create a large school. These modern schools have everything to offer, including gymnasiums and other special areas for fun and learning. Once completed, the schools are stylish and interesting.  

alternative classroom from container

More Benefits of a Shipping Container Classroom

As an added benefit of creating a new school from shipping containers, you can expect the construction time to be less than half that of a traditional structure. The shortened construction time will be beneficial for communities that are already suffering from over-crowded schools. And for communities that have no school at all, the shortened construction time will be beneficial to the entire community. 

Custom shipping containers are also a great item to use for a school in an off-grid community. The environmentally friendly nature of these containers fits into the lifestyle and ethics of these communities. 

Many developing nations are taking advantage of these types of school structures. In areas where building materials are cost-prohibitive to build a school, governments and charity organizations are finding that portable containers are the perfect solution for their school construction needs. The schools can be placed in any climate and any environment. 

Schools of any size and any purpose can be created from custom shipping containers. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and the help of a great construction development team.   You can take a group of shipping containers and convert them into the perfect school.  What an amazing school project for budding architects!