Any company that needs to transport its product in a refrigerated trailer should also have the advantage of real time temperature monitoring. When you monitor the temperature throughout the entire process, you can ensure that your product remains within food and pharma compliance standards.  

Real time temperature monitoring also provides you with GPS data on your cargo so that you know where it is at all times. You can monitor your shipment and see if there are delays.  With the right monitoring service, you can even detect changes to your shipment due to theft.  

Real Time Temperature Monitoring Will Help your Company Mitigate Losses

Monitoring helps your company mitigate losses and spoilage. Continual monitoring of the temperature gives you immediate notifications of temperature fluctuations.  You will have the ability to correct problems instantly. Monitoring the temperature continually throughout the shipment also decreases the number of times the load needs to be opened and checked manually. 

Additionally, monitoring provides you with superior data collection on your load. You can generate complete reports on your shipment to prove to regulatory agencies that your product was at controlled levels during the entire shipping process. For pharmaceutical companies, these reports are critical to the acceptance of your product by many health departments across the country.   

Companies transporting food products over great distances are accustomed to having a portion of their product spoil during the process. With continual remote monitoring of the load, it is easy to reduce this spoilage and increase your overall profit. Most of the waste occurs with large temperature fluctuations. Being able to address these problems en route will reduce the number of lost products. 

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Managing your load while it is being transported also reduces legal liabilities for the company. If contamination occurs in the product and a lawsuit follows, you can produce the reports from your real-time monitoring to show that your product arrived at the end-user uncontaminated and not spoiled.   

Portables360 offers state-of-the-art real time temperature monitoring services for all refer shipping containers. We are able to monitor shipments for all of the major trailer manufacturers. Our real-time monitoring services provide continual monitoring from the minute your delivery leaves your warehouse until the minute it arrives at its destination.  

Data regarding your shipment is easily accessible and can easily be converted into any type of spreadsheet or data representation that you need for your business. The information is available for an extended period of time.  This gives your business the security that it needs if any questions arise about the shipment in the future.  

 For more information about monitoring your reefer shipment, you are encouraged to speak with a knowledgeable staff member at Portables360.