One of the options that we offer on a shipping container is wheels.  This is called a chassis. Adding wheels to a shipping container solves many issues for businesses that have special needs for their containers. 

Shipping Containers on Wheels

A business needs their shipping storage container to be at a certain height to reach a loading dock.  They need the container to be easily moved around a distribution center. Having a chassis attached to the container allows business owners to complete these tasks without problems. 

A shipping container on wheels is also a great asset for businesses that have to move a container into areas where the roads are less than desirable. Some remote areas may not be able to accommodate a semi-truck delivery of a container. By having the container on wheels, you can tow the container yourself to a remote location. 

Another benefit of having the shipping container on wheels is its ability to be put into motion instantly. Many government entities, charities, and businesses have found that they need to reach an area and set up their office quickly.  An example is a disaster-hit area. Having the container able to be hooked up to a truck and moved within minutes is beneficial to all. 

In most cases, we use a 6-wheel chassis system with a goose-neck hookup that can be pulled by any heavy-duty pickup truck.  You will need the right hitch. This solution is perfect for many different businesses and entities that need portability for their container. 

Our containers that have a chassis built in have all the necessary supports in place to ensure that when your container is moving, the integrity of the container remains high. Your container will arrive at its next location ready to use. 

Customized Containers Reduce Business Overhead 

Options are limitless with shipping containers!  You can customize your shipping container with a chassis.  In addition, you can have two containers connected for larger office space.  Again, options are limitless!  Repurposing these cargo containers into something your business needs saves you money and time. 

Shipping containers are sturdy.  They are weather-resistant and are easy to maintain. Easily convert them into any type of space.  Plus, hey can be made mobile. The lifespan of these containers averages two decades.  This makes them much more affordable than new construction.  Give us a call or email.  We look forward to helping you!