There have been a handful of leaders that saw the pandemic as an opportunity to create businesses to serve the new environment.

One of our customers, Tall Ships Restaurants in East Boston, has done just that.

With a vision, creativity, and containers from Portables 360, Tall Ships was able to transform an average pier space into a wonderful outdoor venue.

Navigating the Pandemic World

Only a few years ago the world was enchanted by various pop-up “experiences”. Pop-up art museums, pop-up light shows, and even pop-up ice cream parlors served as a fun outing.

Since the pandemic, it seems like this pop-up trend is only getting more popular. Pop-up bars and pop-up restaurants have become all the rave — some temporary, some more permanent.



The owners of Tall Ships decided to hop on this trend too. The group operates several indoor restaurants, but decided to build an outdoor pier to accommodate customers during the pandemic.

The venue offers food trucks, drink and food concessions, a sound stage, and stunning views of the Boston skyline.  The group designed and operates an attractive destination, that otherwise would be a vacant lot.

The Process

With the vessels permanently docked to the pier, the owners designed an extraordinary outdoor social venue using modified steel storage containers.

Applying fresh coats of paint and cutting windows and doors goes a long way for these storage containers!


They also inserted cooler equipment to store the food and drinks.

All these renovations have made the pier a great place to sit back and enjoy the arguably the best view of Boston’s skyline!

To support such a tremendous venue, Tall Ships Restaurant has also leased Portables 360 coolers to store food and drink.


The pandemic brought challenges for everyone. At Portables 360, we’re proud to provide help and support businesses in their post-pandemic endeavors.


Have an idea for how you can revamp a storage container? Contact Portables 360 today!