Shipping containers are used for transporting items across the world for almost a century. These dependable containers are designed to be sturdy enough to stack nine high!  They withstand even the most extreme weather. Incredibly, the majority of these containers are used only one time. Innovative people are repurposing shipping containers into amazing projects.

Shipping Container Uses

It is more cost-effective for manufacturers to purchase new shipping containers each time they make a shipment.  They don’t have used ones returned to them. This leaves a lot of shipping containers available for other uses.  

Repurposing shipping containers into offices, schools, storage facilities, hydroponic rooms, and even homes have become very popular.  It is also cost-effective for businesses.  The structural integrity of these boxes makes them perfect for construction,.  Their uniform sizes allow for multiple units to be connected together flawlessly for larger structures. 

Additionally, these containers are easy to customize into precisely what you need. Electricity, plumbing, and internet service are easily installed. Doors, windows, shelving, and other interior changes can be made to create the perfect space. All these changes can be completed at a fraction of the cost of building a new structure.

Shipping Containers on Wheels 

Shipping containers can also have an axle attached so that they can be permanently mounted on wheels. People need portable storage areas.  They have to move these over rough terrain. The unit needs to be mobile.  This is done by attaching wheels. Once attached to wheels, they can be moved by a large pick-up truck with a towing attachment. 

Shipping containers with wheel attachments make great response units. When emergencies occur, it is crucial that government offices, law enforcement, and medical care reach the impacted areas. Mobile offices or triage units are just a few of the uses that containers on wheels can provide. 

If you have a need for a structure but want to minimize your costs, shipping containers are the right solution. Whether you need a permanent structure or one that can quickly move, you will find that repurposing a container will be the best solution.  Portables360 looks forward to speaking with you.