The fight against coronavirus (also known as COVID 19) is a top priority for businesses in every industry.  Battelle is a company on the front lines of decontaminating N95 masks.  In fact, many companies are now producing goods to help fight coronavirus. The shipping container industry is a vital key in Battelle’s process by decontaminating masks using shipping containers (N95).

Battelle, N95 Masks, and the Coronavirus

The need for personal protective equipment (PPE) is now at critical levels. With N95 masks in short supply, even though they are reusable. Once opened and exposed, a mask must be decontaminated before it is used again. Sadly, the decontamination process can be lengthy.  The ability to purify large quantities of masks at one time was almost impossible until now.

Battelle created a Critical Care Decontamination System that has been approved by the FDA. Using shipping containers because of their size and portability, Battelle created a system where N95 masks will be placed in large quantities inside the container and completely sterilized in 12 hours. 

Since the containers are air-tight, Battelle is able to use hydrogen peroxide vapor to sterilize the masks. The vapor is released in the sealed container.  The masks remain in the vapor for 12 hours. After this time has elapsed, the masks are sanitized and ready for use. 

Just One Of Many Uses For Shipping Containers In The Fight Against COVID 19 

Shipping containers can be used for many different issues in the fight against COVID 19. Easily customizable containers can be used to set up office space, testing centers, or to house much-needed supplies in hard-hit areas.  

Containers will be converted into intake areas for hospitals to keep COVID 19 patients separated from other patients.  They will be used as a place where triage will be performed for non-COVID 19 patients. 

Containers are a quick way to get a secure structure into any location. The containers will be fitted with electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, and wi-fi for ease of use. Containers are available in different sizes.  Because of their versatility, the needs of any business or community can be easily met.