When you are repurposing portable storage containers, the most commonly added feature to the unit is electricity. Nearly every type of repurposed container will need power.  Even if it is just for temperature control features. However, if you are running an office, home, or workshop in these containers, you will also need outlets.  You may need other electrical connections as well.

For those who are using multiple containers to build a larger structure, electricity connection can become a nightmare.  


What Are Crossover Electrical Systems? 

Crossover electrical systems are a type of wiring structure.  They allow each container to be interconnected. You only need to run one main power source for the structure. This eliminates a lot of the expense for the container owner when it comes to connecting electricity at a property. 

Portable 360 in-house electricians will wire portable shipping containers so they can be connected effortlessly.  We use color-coded plugs.  Once the containers arrive at their destination, the on-site electricians plug the containers into each other for electricity to flow through the system. Only a single power source will be necessary for the entire unit.  This makes it easier and more cost-effective for the owner. 


Saving Money And Time with Crossover Electrical Systems

Once the portable storage containers are in place, the assembly crews can easily connect the plugs together between the containers. This will not require any specialized electrical work to be completed,  The unit owner will not have to worry about hiring an electrician to connect the units together. 

Of course, it will be necessary to hire an electrician to complete the main power connection to the unit. Electrical work of this nature should be left to a professional.  Safety is a priority at Portables 360.  As you know, there are dangers associated with working with electricity. Local building ordinances may also require the use of a licensed electrician when establishing power to a new structure. 

Using the crossover electrical system will also save portable storage container owners a lot of time. When your storage containers arrive, it will literally only take a few minutes to connect the electrical plugs between the units. This will help speed the process of having the containers ready for use. 

Shipping containers that are converted into other structures are an affordable alternative to building a structure brand new. They offer a sturdy base that can be used for any purpose. The ability to add electricity to these units makes them even more versatile. 

Portables 360 now offers crossover electrical systems for multi-unit structures. This increases the speed at which these units can become operational when they are delivered.  It also decreases the overall costs for the owners when hooking up the main power lines.