Controlled Temperature Chemical Storage. Businesses that use chemicals understand the importance of proper temperature controlled storage. Many different substances, especially biochemicals, require temperature-controlled storage to remain viable. Various chemicals, including corrosives, may not need cold temperatures.  They do, however, require that they are not stored in hot temperatures for safety. 

Some businesses find that they have to limit the types of chemicals they use or order.  They may keep small batches of chemicals on hand due to lack of temperature controlled storage.  Also, they may waste valuable space to store their chemicals safely. All of these options can hinder business productivity. 

Controlled Temperature Chemical Storage

Temperature Controlled Storage Solution 

Businesses now have an option for safe and secure temperaturecontrolled storage for their chemicals. Instead of using valuable space in their work areas, or constructing new space for their buildings, companies can opt for a refrigerated shipping container retrofitted to hold their chemicals.  

These portable solutions can be placed anywhere on the business property. With only one entrance to the unit, they are easy to secure. The refrigeration units are located on the end of the containers on the outside.  So they are also easy to maintain. 

Shelving, lighting, and other necessary storage container add-ons can be set up inside these containers. The interior can quickly become OSHA compliant based on the chemicals you store. Each storage container is fully customizable. This can help any business manage their chemicals safely and effectively. 

Business Expansion Made Easily and Affordably

In addition to providing superior chemical solutions for all types of businesses, shipping containers also provide a business with the right solution for all types of storage and expansion issues, 

If you need to expand your working area, consider a shipping container.  If you want to launch a new product and need extra space, a refrigerated shipping container is an affordable solution. You can customize a container to fit your needs as an office space, work space, or even a testing space. 

If you do not need cold storage, but you do need extra storage, non-refrigerated shipping containers are also a great option. Just like the temperature-controlled storage units, these containers are fully customizable for your needs. You can easily connect these units for several storage units.  Or just add one for some extra storage space. 

Many businesses have found that they can take advantage of extra undeveloped property space by adding these shipping containers to their overall business space. It is an affordable way to increase square footage.  And this extra space can be regular or temperature controlled to meet the needs of your business storage or expansion.