Using shipping containers for purposes other than moving freight has become very popular in a variety of industries. Converting shipping containers into homes to create something new is not only innovative, it is also environmentally friendly. 

The housing industry is not exempt from this trend. Converting shipping containers into a beautiful container home is now one of the most popular ways to construct a home. In fact, it has become so popular that HGTV has a series dedicated to touring these types of homes. 

Shipping Container Home Benefits  

One of the first questions that a person asks about building a container home is why? Why would you use a shipping container to build a home instead of wood or brick? The answer to that question is actually quite complex.  

Shipping containers are very sturdily built. Think about it.  These containers must move freight safely across long distances and in all types of weather conditions. These containers are also designed to be stacked on top of each other at full weight.  So they have incredible structural integrity. 

If you use refrigerated shipping containers to construct your home, you have the added benefit of your building materials already being insulated. Since these containers must be able to maintain a specific temperature for long periods of time, the insulation is of very high quality. 

As you can see on the HGTV Container Homes series, these containers are easily attached together to create large and multi-story homes. The interiors are then customized to the preference of the owner or builder.  

One of the largest benefits of building a home using shipping containers as your main material is the cost. Home builders can significantly reduce the cost of building their homes by recycling these containers as their main building material. 

Home builders that use containers for their main structure will also find that they can build much larger homes than they anticipate because the costs are so much lower. And of course, there is always the reduced impact on the environment that makes these homes attractive. 

shipping container home

Building Your Next Container Home

If you are ready to build your next home, why not consider a complete custom container home? You can build the ultimate home using shipping containers and reduce your overall cost for construction. As you can see on the HGTV program, you cannot even tell that these homes have been constructed out of something other than your typical building materials. 

You can find a variety of new and previously used shipping containers at We offer a variety of sizes in 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot lengths and many styles of shipping containers.  We can provide you with as many containers as you need to build your dream home.