Pet owners prefer high-quality food and treats that benefit their pet’s health and wellness. It’s no surprise that there has been a steadily rising demand for fresh pet foods in the past few years.

When pet food manufacturers supply pet food products with fresh ingredients and fewer additives, they often need to be kept refrigerated to keep fresh. Refrigeration is needed not only to maintain the freshness of perishable products, but also to eradicate mildew, mold, bacteria, or parasites that grow on food.

This was the case for one of the nation’s leading distributors of wholesale pet products, who needed an effective and reliable solution to keep their pet food fresh. Working with Portables 360, the distributors were provided with state-of-the-art temperature-controlled containers that fit their budget and needs.

The Problem with Using Trailers for Refrigerating Fresh Pet Food

Previously, the pet food distributor’s locations in New Jersey and New York were renting 53’ refrigerated trailers. They were experiencing the following problems with the trailers:

  • The trailers were taking up space on the loading dock, causing operational hurdles when loading/unloading
  • Trailers do not have the same insulation as a container – making them highly inefficient for long term cold storage
  • They were using diesel, which results in costly delivery, concerns about emissions, and a loud generator
  • The refrigeration machine in trailers have a smaller compressor, rendering it less powerful than a container

Overall, this costly rental situation was not ideal for consistently keeping large amounts of pet food stock at the proper temperature.

The Solution: Refrigerated Storage Containers

Portables 360 offers practical cold storage solutions with no permitting necessary. Our cold storage containers were delivered to the distributor’s sites and were the perfect solution for the following reasons:

Does Not Interfere with Loading/Unloading Space
Containers can operate inside the building and are fully electric – freeing up the dock space for ongoing and additional distribution.

Efficient Cold Air Delivery
Container refrigeration is far more efficient than cold air delivery because the air is supplied through the “T-Floor” (see photo). The trailer delivers cold air through ductwork on the ceiling and forces air downward. The supply/cold air circulates more effectively, thereby operating more efficiently.

t-floor refrigeration

Cold Air Insulation
Trailers do not have the same thick insulations as containers. Containers have about 3” insulation on the sides, floor, and ceiling. This allows the unit to hold temperature longer with less use of the compressor.

Storage units are far more powerful than trailers – they can drop and hold temperature at -30°. If a trailer is insulated poorly, the cooling unit’s run time can skyrocket. Trailers lose up to 25% of insulating capability within the first year from outgassing effects alone, reducing the ability to maintain thermal integrity and also resulting in higher refrigeration fuel costs.

Reduced Noise
Portables 360 units have a decibel rating that’s much lower than a diesel-operated trailer. Sound (on the outside of the unit) typically is generated by a condenser fan and compressor. Most of our units are equipped with scroll-type compressors, which are not only energy-efficient but a bit quieter than the traditional reciprocating compressor. Additionally, since our fleet is the youngest in the industry, our condenser fans operate much quieter.

Real-Time Monitoring
The distributors opted for real-time monitoring – remote monitoring and control of our refrigeration equipment supplied. The simple text and email alerts offer reassurance that they will be alerted within minutes if something isn’t right (temperature rise or fall, mechanical alarm, power turned off, etc). This gives them some comfort that any issue can be remedied before the product is impacted.

Portables 360 cold storage containers offer a quiet and cost-effective alternative to diesel units. Fresh pet food and other perishables can be safely stored in our reliable and convenient storage containers.

If your business needs on-site cold storage for food or other supplies, contact Portables 360 to learn more about our refrigerated and cold storage solutions.