The pandemic has certainly brought about unexpected changes for everyone.

For Caritas of Port Chester, the pandemic brought an influx of business for this meals on wheels company.

Our team at Portables 360 had delivered a cold storage unit to the business 3 months ago. In no time, the operation has grown out of the space and required an additional unit! Portables 360 quickly attended to their growing demand with a second unit.

The refrigeration units we supplied were less than 2 years old. Not only are these younger models powerful and efficient, but also cosmetically appealing.

These units are considered “like new.”  As such, their fan bearings operate smoothly and minimize high decibels more common on older equipment.



Further, the machinery is equipped with scroll compressors, that  run quiet and smooth! This compressor is energy-efficient, highly reliable, and less prone to mechanical failure.

Because Port Chester is such a thriving residential community, we wanted to make sure the box we delivered was clean (both inside and out) and that there were no visual rust marks.

Our Dedication to Customer Service

Our delivery team took great care to accommodate our customers’ needs after supplying them with top-notch equipment. Most truckers do not take part in repositioning the equipment, but our team at Portables 360 is dedicated to making sure we give the best service and assist our customers as best we can.

In fact, our trucker even assisted the customer in unpacking and repacking the original container after the move!

Our team is unlike any trucking company out there. At Portables 360, we are focused on making sure you are satisfied and feel good about your products… and we do it all with a smile!

If your business needs on-site cold storage for food or other supplies, contact Portables 360 to learn more about our refrigerated and cold storage solutions.