Cold Storage to Aid Refugee Operations

Cold Storage to Aid Refugee Operations

Portables360 is proud to offer support to those supporting others.

We recently shipped out over 30 refrigerated storage units to support food service vendors preparing to distribute food and meals for Afghan refugees in the US.

The Afghan refugees are staying at military bases around the US. One of these bases is Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey.

This facility is a combination of three other military units: the old McGuire Air Force Base, the Army’s former Fort Dix, and the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst.

This base currently has the capacity to house around 3,500 evacuees, but they are hoping to expand to shelter 10,000.

There is another shelter located in Virginia at the Fort Pickett Army Base. This facility is currently housing about 5,000 Afghans and is also hoping to expand up to 10,000.

There will certainly be a lot of supplies and resources needed to support this number of people. Portables360 is happy to assist the food service vendors to provide fresh food to those in shelter at these bases.

Our cold storage units are a great solution for food vendors looking to transport and store large quantities of supplies.

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Providing a Controlled Climate for Cannabis Cultivator

Providing a Controlled Climate for Cannabis Cultivator

The use of medical marijuana has become increasingly popular in the United States in the last few years.


While many states have already legalized medical marijuana, we are seeing more states start to legalize recreational marijuana too.


This comes as no surprise since the legal marijuana market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 26.7% from 2021 to 2028.


While marijuana isn’t legal in all states yet, several cultivators have been cashing in on this business.


One of our most recent deliveries was to a marijuana cultivator in Massachusetts.


This grower needed a way to control the temperature and humidity. Luckily, Portables360 was able to help by providing equipment that does exactly that!


Our portable storage units became the ideal solution for storing the flower and maintaining its freshness.


As a result of our storage solutions, this grower will yield a fresh product that maintains 100% of the cannabinoids (the compounds found in cannabis, like THC and CBD) and terpenes (the compounds that create the flavors, aromas, color, and more).


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Cold Storage Solutions for the Rosh Hashanah Rush

Cold Storage Solutions for the Rosh Hashanah Rush

The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar calendar. As a result, the timing of high holidays varies from year to year. Rosh Hashanah is the next Jewish holiday approaching, and it begins on September 6th this year.

As the holiday season approaches, kosher grocers build up their inventories to meet the extraordinary holiday demand.

One of the kosher supermarkets dealing with the influx of demand is Pomegranate Grocery in Brooklyn, NY.

Pomegranate Grocery is among the largest kosher grocers in the NY Metropolitan area and is facing an extraordinary demand for their food this holiday season.


Portables360 supports these grocers by providing the store with short-term rentals of cold storage containers.

With a limited amount of space, Pomegranate Grocery obtains DOT permits to allow our units to be housed directly in front of a major road in Brooklyn, NY.

We couldn’t be happier to assist our clients to ensure that both the store and all of their customers have a safe and efficient holiday shopping experience!

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Bakery Owners Find A Tasty Storage Solution

Bakery Owners Find A Tasty Storage Solution

Divvies Bakery made the move from New York to Connecticut about 3 years ago.

Once they moved, the owners grappled with the idea of building a walk-in cooler to keep both their raw materials and finished products fresh (and/or frozen) both pre- and post-production.

However, once they realized the cost and time to build a walk-in, they researched and discovered another option…containerized cold storage.

As a bakery specializing in vegan and nut-free products, a cold storage container is essential to maintain the freshness of their products.

As their business grew, they added products, increased production, and required even more space.

It was then they realized the ancillary benefit of the cold storage containers. By parking the units alongside their building, they maintained the same production footprint inside the warehouse.

This enabled them to continue growing without the cost, administration, and operational impact of building a walk-in or moving to a larger facility.

The bakery was able to keep up with their increased demand by dropping another cold storage box directly next to the prior unit!

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How The Cold Storage Container Industry is Adapting to Rising Demand

How The Cold Storage Container Industry is Adapting to Rising Demand

A few years ago, the cold storage industry was experiencing steady changes and relatively consistent demand. Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic completely shifted the industry, rapidly increasing demand and accelerating new business models.

Initially, newly developing production and distribution systems caused absolute panic and a variety of concerns among established players in the cold storage industry. Emerging supply chain models triggered the demand for new cold storage models, adding complexity and rapid growth to the existing system.

These changes were a direct result of the pandemic changing individual behavior. For example, more people began hoarding and stocking frozen food items. As a result, businesses strategized to react to these adjustments. Investors turned their attention to cold chain outsourcing, refrigerated transportation, and warehousing.

Finding the right cold storage warehousing option can be a hefty expense for many businesses. Portables360 offers affordable cold storage options that accommodate businesses navigating the booming cold storage and refrigerated container industry.

Benefits of Cold Storage Containers

Many businesses are turning to cold storage containers because they do not require the massive capital outlay, electrical or building permits, or the time necessary to build additional on-site storage. Refrigerated containers offer the necessary hardware for a variety of industries, especially those with perishable items.

Refrigerated containers from Portables360 are safe, clean, and portable, saving you both time and money. Our cold storage containers provide maximum thermal efficiency with minimal air leakage.

In addition to affordability and versatility, other drivers shaping the industry mentality include the 4 C’s: convenience, capacity, consistency, and control.


Convenience is a common trend in our society. People want things fast and easy, as individuals are constantly on the go. As noted by the New York Times, consumers’ mentality shifted with the pandemic. More individuals desired to shop less and have quick-to-make frozen meals at their disposal. Thus, they began to stock up their freezers with more frozen meals, increasing the desirability for quality cold storage options.

The same demand translates to industry and commerce. Refrigerated cold storage containers are the convenient solution for commercial needs – from perishables to pharmaceutical items. Portables360 can customize and readily deliver the necessary on-site refrigerated containers for your specific needs.


As previously mentioned, consumer demand is shifting towards larger freezers to hold more frozen meals and other items. Larger freezer spaces are necessary for manufacturers ramping up the production of items that are heightening in demand. Increased cold storage demand puts extraordinary strains on an already over-capacity cold storage/warehousing industry.

Refrigerated containers optimize the cold storage size and capacity, enabling the container to be used in a variety of ways. Refrigerated containers from Portables360 come in a variety of sizes, perfect for a range of capacity needs.

Consistency and Control

Refrigerated storage containers offer consistent and regulated temperature controls. For example, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals at hospitals or natural disaster sites can be secured in mobile cold storage units. Portables360 also can customize your reefer container to manage two different temperature settings.

Portables360 has additional methods to keep your product cool, such as installing temperature control curtains on the entrance of your container. This way, even when you open the container and move things in and out, the cool air remains inside the container.

Altogether, the use of refrigerated cold storage containers is dramatically accelerating through new business production and distribution systems. These containers have a range of benefits for businesses – from convenience and capacity to control and versatility.

If you are looking for an affordable, versatile, and customizable cold storage container, contact the experts at Portables360 today!


Refrigerated Storage for Quest Diagnostics COVID-19 Testing and Medical Supplies

Refrigerated Storage for Quest Diagnostics COVID-19 Testing and Medical Supplies

Portables360 is a supporting supplier in helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. One of our clients, Quest Diagnostics, is a leader in medical diagnostics and testing and among the nations’ largest COVID testing laboratories.

We offered these key healthcare providers turn-key cold storage spaces to maintain their temperature-sensitive products. As this mission-critical client can confirm, we responded quickly and efficiently from initial contact to delivery and installation.

Portables360 offers the ideal solution for consistent and dependable on-site cold storage. Our equipment features safe, secure, and temperature-controlled spaces.

These units meet all the requirements of temperature control of -30˚F for storing their testing supplies.

After receiving our equipment, Quest Diagnostics performed a comprehensive 48-hour “temperature mapping” test and confirmed these units deliver temperature consistency and accurately. The containers’ temperature remained stable throughout the test. The testing validated our equipment’s capabilities and reassured our customer’s lab technicians and scientists.

Following a surge in the demand for COVID-19 testing, Portables360 delivered a second unit within 48 hours of Quest Diagnostics’ request. Additionally, we were appointed to deliver equipment to their other sites nationwide, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kansas, Indiana, and Texas.

Portables360 supported Quest Diagnostics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with the emergency installation and operation of four -20˚C freezer trailers to provide required expansion of specimen storage space within one week of demand. [Portables360’s] technical oversight of transport, delivery, installation and power connections enabled a smooth setup and storage transition at four different lab locations. These external units were maintained and serviced to sustain continuous operations without interruption.”

– Corporate Real Estate and Facilities at Quest Diagnostics

Our quick response and delivery time met Quest Diagnostics’ time-sensitive requests. We provided efficient and secure cold storage solutions at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take to construct fixed structures.

Benefits of COVID-19 Supplies Storage Containers

In addition to the need for a controlled temperature setting, the containers have vapor tight LED lighting. Our vapor tight lighting exceeds the necessary 500-700 lumens expected in science laboratories.

Quest Diagnostics installed a fully insulated and secure man door to provide their technicians with easy access. This installation retains temperature and security features.

Given the sensitive cargo Quest Diagnostics stores, they opted for Portables360 remote monitoring. The monitoring offers them real-time temperature and mechanical reporting directly to their phone via SMS and email.

Our high-quality portable containers offer a cost-effective and timely storage for healthcare companies to meet their temperature, lighting, security, and monitoring requirements.

If you’re looking for an effective storage solution to keep medical supplies, PPE, and/or lab samples safe, contact us today.