Shipping containers offer people a chance to create something wonderful from something that is no longer used for its original purpose. The repurposing of a shipping container for your project is cost effective and there is so much opportunity for creativity. Some of the ways you can use a shipping container include:

Create An Art Studio

Refrigerated shipping containers are designed to protect its contents from temperature changes. Even if you decide not to use the refrigeration unit, the insulated walls will be perfect for protecting artwork from temperature fluctuations. Create a private studio for yourself to enjoy or have the container set up so that you can display and sell artwork. The fact that the gallery is located in a container is sure to attract many people out of curiosity alone!

art studio built from a shipping container

Start A Specialty Garden

The insulated walls in a refrigerated container are perfect for managing specialty gardens. If you need to have complete temperature control to grow your plants, you will love how well containers work for this purpose. You can set up shelving, watering systems, and grow lights in the containers with ease. This is great for specialty flowers and plants that require extensive care to grow.  Finding interesting ways of arranging your garden will come with ease if using hooks or stands to add interest.  You can make a private oasis!

portable flower shop from a shipping container

Design A Pop-Up Flower Shop

Refrigerated containers are perfect for storing flowers. You can get a little creative with the container.  Add wheels to it so it is mobile and easily create a pop-up flower shop!  You can travel to different locations and events and spread the joy that only beautiful flowers can bring.  Maybe this can be your fun second job?

Create A Cold Spa For Beauty Routines

You have heard of Hot Yoga or thermal spas, why not create a cold spa? Cold has been shown to improve fat burning and many people find being cold for a period of time refreshing and rejuvenating. You can create a beautiful spa area where you can provide various services all while being perfectly chilled.

Take Your Office With You

Traveling hair salons are becoming a viable profession.  Many people like the convenience of not going to town for a haircut.  Others can’t drive for a beauty appointment.  With a mobile salon, you can take the beauty to your customers.  Of course, you’ll want a 10 foot shipping container for this purpose!

portable hair salon from a shipping container

There are so many things that you can do with a refrigerated shipping container. Shipping containers are great for food storage, restaurant storage and are perfect for emergency situations and in disaster areas.

Containers are available in 10, 20, and 40-foot sizes.  One of these sizes can easily accommodate any project that you have in mind. Containers are sturdy, insulated, and able to be mounted to wheels if necessary. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can create from a shipping container.