Bakery Owners Find A Tasty Storage Solution

Bakery Owners Find A Tasty Storage Solution

Divvies Bakery made the move from New York to Connecticut about 3 years ago.

Once they moved, the owners grappled with the idea of building a walk-in cooler to keep both their raw materials and finished products fresh (and/or frozen) both pre- and post-production.

However, once they realized the cost and time to build a walk-in, they researched and discovered another option…containerized cold storage.

As a bakery specializing in vegan and nut-free products, a cold storage container is essential to maintain the freshness of their products.

As their business grew, they added products, increased production, and required even more space.

It was then they realized the ancillary benefit of the cold storage containers. By parking the units alongside their building, they maintained the same production footprint inside the warehouse.

This enabled them to continue growing without the cost, administration, and operational impact of building a walk-in or moving to a larger facility.

The bakery was able to keep up with their increased demand by dropping another cold storage box directly next to the prior unit!

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A Business’s Approach to Pandemic: Storage Containers

A Business’s Approach to Pandemic: Storage Containers

There have been a handful of leaders that saw the pandemic as an opportunity to create businesses to serve the new environment.

One of our customers, Tall Ships Restaurants in East Boston, has done just that.

With a vision, creativity, and containers from Portables 360, Tall Ships was able to transform an average pier space into a wonderful outdoor venue.

Navigating the Pandemic World

Only a few years ago the world was enchanted by various pop-up “experiences”. Pop-up art museums, pop-up light shows, and even pop-up ice cream parlors served as a fun outing.

Since the pandemic, it seems like this pop-up trend is only getting more popular. Pop-up bars and pop-up restaurants have become all the rave — some temporary, some more permanent.



The owners of Tall Ships decided to hop on this trend too. The group operates several indoor restaurants, but decided to build an outdoor pier to accommodate customers during the pandemic.

The venue offers food trucks, drink and food concessions, a sound stage, and stunning views of the Boston skyline.  The group designed and operates an attractive destination, that otherwise would be a vacant lot.

The Process

With the vessels permanently docked to the pier, the owners designed an extraordinary outdoor social venue using modified steel storage containers.

Applying fresh coats of paint and cutting windows and doors goes a long way for these storage containers!


They also inserted cooler equipment to store the food and drinks.

All these renovations have made the pier a great place to sit back and enjoy the arguably the best view of Boston’s skyline!

To support such a tremendous venue, Tall Ships Restaurant has also leased Portables 360 coolers to store food and drink.


The pandemic brought challenges for everyone. At Portables 360, we’re proud to provide help and support businesses in their post-pandemic endeavors.


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Stani Dairy Expands with Second Refrigerator Unit

Stani Dairy Expands with Second Refrigerator Unit

It’s always inspirational to learn about the journey of a successful startup.

Stani Dairy is a Greek yogurt company that began years ago on a family farm in Greece. The company’s founder Ignatios Vasilellis spent the bulk of his life learning about farming and dairy before moving to the United States to share that knowledge and pursue his dreams.

The company first entered a market saturated with other mass-producing Greek yogurt companies. Stani Dairy stood out by using only locally sourced dairy and creating every product by hand.

Since the move to the United States in 2015, Stani Dairy has grown and expanded.

Today, the company now imports and produces a private label feta direct from Greece!

With a production capacity of nearly 75,000 kilos of yogurt per month (roughly 165,000 pounds), the business is in need of acquiring additional products to support their growth.

Stani Dairy in Connecticut contacted Portables 360 to provide the products they needed for their expansion.


Second Refrigeration Unit

Within days of receiving a call about their need to expand, our team at Portables 360 coordinated the delivery of the second, 40’ refrigerated container.

Stani Dairy has grown so much that they required a second refrigeration unit in just two years!

The business now has two massive units: one for production and one for the final/deliverable product.


Walk-In vs. Container

One of the hardest parts about getting an additional unit is making the choice between a walk-in cooler or a container.

The cost was certainly a factor, but the customer at Stani Dairy realized that the installation of a walk-in would take too much time and capital investment. Additionally, a walk-in would take away too much space of the needed production floor.

Instead of building an additional walk-in cooler inside their warehouse, they opted to receive one of our containers. By parking just outside their production space, they have full and easy access to their Portables 360 container.

Portables 360 is proud to provide growing businesses with cold storage containers. Our team is committed to providing fast and professional service.


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Serving Those Who Serve: Cold Storage for Caritas

Serving Those Who Serve: Cold Storage for Caritas

The pandemic has certainly brought about unexpected changes for everyone.

For Caritas of Port Chester, the pandemic brought an influx of business for this meals on wheels company.

Our team at Portables 360 had delivered a cold storage unit to the business 3 months ago. In no time, the operation has grown out of the space and required an additional unit! Portables 360 quickly attended to their growing demand with a second unit.

The refrigeration units we supplied were less than 2 years old. Not only are these younger models powerful and efficient, but also cosmetically appealing.

These units are considered “like new.”  As such, their fan bearings operate smoothly and minimize high decibels more common on older equipment.



Further, the machinery is equipped with scroll compressors, that  run quiet and smooth! This compressor is energy-efficient, highly reliable, and less prone to mechanical failure.

Because Port Chester is such a thriving residential community, we wanted to make sure the box we delivered was clean (both inside and out) and that there were no visual rust marks.

Our Dedication to Customer Service

Our delivery team took great care to accommodate our customers’ needs after supplying them with top-notch equipment. Most truckers do not take part in repositioning the equipment, but our team at Portables 360 is dedicated to making sure we give the best service and assist our customers as best we can.

In fact, our trucker even assisted the customer in unpacking and repacking the original container after the move!

Our team is unlike any trucking company out there. At Portables 360, we are focused on making sure you are satisfied and feel good about your products… and we do it all with a smile!

If your business needs on-site cold storage for food or other supplies, contact Portables 360 to learn more about our refrigerated and cold storage solutions.

How The Cold Storage Container Industry is Adapting to Rising Demand

How The Cold Storage Container Industry is Adapting to Rising Demand

A few years ago, the cold storage industry was experiencing steady changes and relatively consistent demand. Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic completely shifted the industry, rapidly increasing demand and accelerating new business models.

Initially, newly developing production and distribution systems caused absolute panic and a variety of concerns among established players in the cold storage industry. Emerging supply chain models triggered the demand for new cold storage models, adding complexity and rapid growth to the existing system.

These changes were a direct result of the pandemic changing individual behavior. For example, more people began hoarding and stocking frozen food items. As a result, businesses strategized to react to these adjustments. Investors turned their attention to cold chain outsourcing, refrigerated transportation, and warehousing.

Finding the right cold storage warehousing option can be a hefty expense for many businesses. Portables360 offers affordable cold storage options that accommodate businesses navigating the booming cold storage and refrigerated container industry.

Benefits of Cold Storage Containers

Many businesses are turning to cold storage containers because they do not require the massive capital outlay, electrical or building permits, or the time necessary to build additional on-site storage. Refrigerated containers offer the necessary hardware for a variety of industries, especially those with perishable items.

Refrigerated containers from Portables360 are safe, clean, and portable, saving you both time and money. Our cold storage containers provide maximum thermal efficiency with minimal air leakage.

In addition to affordability and versatility, other drivers shaping the industry mentality include the 4 C’s: convenience, capacity, consistency, and control.


Convenience is a common trend in our society. People want things fast and easy, as individuals are constantly on the go. As noted by the New York Times, consumers’ mentality shifted with the pandemic. More individuals desired to shop less and have quick-to-make frozen meals at their disposal. Thus, they began to stock up their freezers with more frozen meals, increasing the desirability for quality cold storage options.

The same demand translates to industry and commerce. Refrigerated cold storage containers are the convenient solution for commercial needs – from perishables to pharmaceutical items. Portables360 can customize and readily deliver the necessary on-site refrigerated containers for your specific needs.


As previously mentioned, consumer demand is shifting towards larger freezers to hold more frozen meals and other items. Larger freezer spaces are necessary for manufacturers ramping up the production of items that are heightening in demand. Increased cold storage demand puts extraordinary strains on an already over-capacity cold storage/warehousing industry.

Refrigerated containers optimize the cold storage size and capacity, enabling the container to be used in a variety of ways. Refrigerated containers from Portables360 come in a variety of sizes, perfect for a range of capacity needs.

Consistency and Control

Refrigerated storage containers offer consistent and regulated temperature controls. For example, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals at hospitals or natural disaster sites can be secured in mobile cold storage units. Portables360 also can customize your reefer container to manage two different temperature settings.

Portables360 has additional methods to keep your product cool, such as installing temperature control curtains on the entrance of your container. This way, even when you open the container and move things in and out, the cool air remains inside the container.

Altogether, the use of refrigerated cold storage containers is dramatically accelerating through new business production and distribution systems. These containers have a range of benefits for businesses – from convenience and capacity to control and versatility.

If you are looking for an affordable, versatile, and customizable cold storage container, contact the experts at Portables360 today!


How To Clean a Refrigerated Container

How To Clean a Refrigerated Container

It is important to keep refrigerated containers clean, especially when storing fresh or perishable materials. Similar to how our refrigerators and air conditioners get extra attention during spring cleaning, regular cleaning of refrigerated containers is essential to keep them in good shape.

Reefer containers are similar to refrigerators and AC units at home, so much so that they need love and care to operate efficiently. As the change of weather brings pollen, dirt, dust, and the start of humid warm air, regular cleaning is key to reducing the potential for mechanical issues down the road.

When considering how to start cleaning your refrigerated unit, Portables360 likes to break it down into two parts – the exterior and interior. The guide below will review how our units can be efficiently cleaned so they can run smoothly and use less energy, saving you time and money.

Cleaning the Exterior of a Refrigerated Container

The exposed components can be divided into three sections:

1. Compressor
For Portables360 units, the compressor is not a major or time-consuming concern because the majority of the ones in our fleet are scroll compressors. These energy-efficient and quiet compressors are hermetically sealed, making it difficult for the weather and ambient conditions to impact the unit.

2. Compressor Fan
This is the large fan behind the grates on the outside of the container. Over time the fan, fins, and bearings get dirty and/or wear. A dirty fan (and components) can cause a louder fan operation, strain the motor, and speed up wear on the bearings.

3. Condensor Coils
The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, turning it into a hot, high-pressure gas. This gas leaves the compressor and flows into the condenser coils.

This is where the refrigerant releases much of the heat. As it cools, the refrigerant changes from a hot gas to a hot liquid. The condenser fan pulls outside air through the coils’ metal fins helping cool the refrigerant gases.

As air passes through the coils over time, the dust, pollen, debris, leaves, etc. will accumulate and clog the coil and fins.

Clogged coils will not only put excessive wear on the fans, but the reduced airflow limits the refrigeration units’ efficiency. Moreover, it could cause the system to overheat and shut down.

Cleaning the Compressor, Compressor Fan, and Condensor Coils

Cleaning the three components is simple: simply turn the unit off using the power button (Thermo King units) or I/O toggle switch (Carrier). Once the unit is powered off, you can remove the metal plates using a Phillips head screwdriver or socket wrench. You can also clean without removing the plates.

Next, with the unit turned off, take a low-pressure hose (i.e. garden hose) and rinse the fan and the coils until the water runs clear. You can flow the water upward through the fins or down/outward from the fan blades. Make sure to fully rinse as many rows as your water can access.

Finally, replace the metal plates/grate and turn the machine back on.

Once the unit is back on, we always recommend forcing it into a manual defrost. This will activate the heater on the evaporator coils, and melt any accumulated ice. This cycle can run from 5-to-20 minutes and will automatically return to the normal operating cycle.

Cleaning the Interior of a Refrigerated Container

The reefer units are equipped with two massive evaporator fans hidden behind the inside back panel of the unit. Most people don’t realize how much air enters the unit every time the doors are opened. When on, these fans are circulating and pulling return air from the box and doorway when the doors are open.

While we always recommend powering down while entering/exiting the unit, we know that’s not always feasible. To limit the air exchange as much as possible and Portables360 installs vinyl curtains at the doors. Meanwhile, the air entering the unit is “wet” air that typically cycles directly to the evaporator fans and freezes on the evaporator coils.

Regular defrosting cycles help to reduce the ice coating on these coils. Similar to the dirt on the condenser coils, ice on the evaporator coils will both limit airflow and make it difficult for the unit to drop and/or maintain low temperatures.

Separate from the defrost cycles, we always recommend customers consider the occasional full-box defrost. To do this, you have to remove all cargo, set the temperature to 70°F, and operate the unit for 24 hours. This will melt any accumulated ice on the coils and/or ice that settled on the ground in front of the supply vent.

We also recommend checking the drain holes inside the box. Every box is equipped with 4 drain holes at each of the interior corners. The finite screen and/or float balls frequently get clogged and limit the amount of water expelled from the interior.

There are many ways to clean the drain holes, such as:

  • Compressed air
  • Pressurized water
  • Simply pulling the drain gizmo from the hole and rinsing it

Portables360’s fleet is the youngest in the marketplace, therefore requiring less ongoing maintenance than any other leased unit. That said, seasonal cleaning is about taking steps to ensure your unit is energy efficient and removes any debris or contaminants inside the unit that may damage your future cargos.

Contact Portables360 to find an easy-to-maintain container for your storage needs!

Refrigerated Storage for Quest Diagnostics COVID-19 Testing and Medical Supplies

Refrigerated Storage for Quest Diagnostics COVID-19 Testing and Medical Supplies

Portables360 is a supporting supplier in helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. One of our clients, Quest Diagnostics, is a leader in medical diagnostics and testing and among the nations’ largest COVID testing laboratories.

We offered these key healthcare providers turn-key cold storage spaces to maintain their temperature-sensitive products. As this mission-critical client can confirm, we responded quickly and efficiently from initial contact to delivery and installation.

Portables360 offers the ideal solution for consistent and dependable on-site cold storage. Our equipment features safe, secure, and temperature-controlled spaces.

These units meet all the requirements of temperature control of -30˚F for storing their testing supplies.

After receiving our equipment, Quest Diagnostics performed a comprehensive 48-hour “temperature mapping” test and confirmed these units deliver temperature consistency and accurately. The containers’ temperature remained stable throughout the test. The testing validated our equipment’s capabilities and reassured our customer’s lab technicians and scientists.

Following a surge in the demand for COVID-19 testing, Portables360 delivered a second unit within 48 hours of Quest Diagnostics’ request. Additionally, we were appointed to deliver equipment to their other sites nationwide, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kansas, Indiana, and Texas.

Portables360 supported Quest Diagnostics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with the emergency installation and operation of four -20˚C freezer trailers to provide required expansion of specimen storage space within one week of demand. [Portables360’s] technical oversight of transport, delivery, installation and power connections enabled a smooth setup and storage transition at four different lab locations. These external units were maintained and serviced to sustain continuous operations without interruption.”

– Corporate Real Estate and Facilities at Quest Diagnostics

Our quick response and delivery time met Quest Diagnostics’ time-sensitive requests. We provided efficient and secure cold storage solutions at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take to construct fixed structures.

Benefits of COVID-19 Supplies Storage Containers

In addition to the need for a controlled temperature setting, the containers have vapor tight LED lighting. Our vapor tight lighting exceeds the necessary 500-700 lumens expected in science laboratories.

Quest Diagnostics installed a fully insulated and secure man door to provide their technicians with easy access. This installation retains temperature and security features.

Given the sensitive cargo Quest Diagnostics stores, they opted for Portables360 remote monitoring. The monitoring offers them real-time temperature and mechanical reporting directly to their phone via SMS and email.

Our high-quality portable containers offer a cost-effective and timely storage for healthcare companies to meet their temperature, lighting, security, and monitoring requirements.

If you’re looking for an effective storage solution to keep medical supplies, PPE, and/or lab samples safe, contact us today.

Cold Storage Solutions for Keeping Pet Food Fresh

Cold Storage Solutions for Keeping Pet Food Fresh

Pet owners prefer high-quality food and treats that benefit their pet’s health and wellness. It’s no surprise that there has been a steadily rising demand for fresh pet foods in the past few years.

When pet food manufacturers supply pet food products with fresh ingredients and fewer additives, they often need to be kept refrigerated to keep fresh. Refrigeration is needed not only to maintain the freshness of perishable products, but also to eradicate mildew, mold, bacteria, or parasites that grow on food.

This was the case for one of the nation’s leading distributors of wholesale pet products, who needed an effective and reliable solution to keep their pet food fresh. Working with Portables 360, the distributors were provided with state-of-the-art temperature-controlled containers that fit their budget and needs.

The Problem with Using Trailers for Refrigerating Fresh Pet Food

Previously, the pet food distributor’s locations in New Jersey and New York were renting 53’ refrigerated trailers. They were experiencing the following problems with the trailers:

  • The trailers were taking up space on the loading dock, causing operational hurdles when loading/unloading
  • Trailers do not have the same insulation as a container – making them highly inefficient for long term cold storage
  • They were using diesel, which results in costly delivery, concerns about emissions, and a loud generator
  • The refrigeration machine in trailers have a smaller compressor, rendering it less powerful than a container

Overall, this costly rental situation was not ideal for consistently keeping large amounts of pet food stock at the proper temperature.

The Solution: Refrigerated Storage Containers

Portables 360 offers practical cold storage solutions with no permitting necessary. Our cold storage containers were delivered to the distributor’s sites and were the perfect solution for the following reasons:

Does Not Interfere with Loading/Unloading Space
Containers can operate inside the building and are fully electric – freeing up the dock space for ongoing and additional distribution.

Efficient Cold Air Delivery
Container refrigeration is far more efficient than cold air delivery because the air is supplied through the “T-Floor” (see photo). The trailer delivers cold air through ductwork on the ceiling and forces air downward. The supply/cold air circulates more effectively, thereby operating more efficiently.

t-floor refrigeration

Cold Air Insulation
Trailers do not have the same thick insulations as containers. Containers have about 3” insulation on the sides, floor, and ceiling. This allows the unit to hold temperature longer with less use of the compressor.

Storage units are far more powerful than trailers – they can drop and hold temperature at -30°. If a trailer is insulated poorly, the cooling unit’s run time can skyrocket. Trailers lose up to 25% of insulating capability within the first year from outgassing effects alone, reducing the ability to maintain thermal integrity and also resulting in higher refrigeration fuel costs.

Reduced Noise
Portables 360 units have a decibel rating that’s much lower than a diesel-operated trailer. Sound (on the outside of the unit) typically is generated by a condenser fan and compressor. Most of our units are equipped with scroll-type compressors, which are not only energy-efficient but a bit quieter than the traditional reciprocating compressor. Additionally, since our fleet is the youngest in the industry, our condenser fans operate much quieter.

Real-Time Monitoring
The distributors opted for real-time monitoring – remote monitoring and control of our refrigeration equipment supplied. The simple text and email alerts offer reassurance that they will be alerted within minutes if something isn’t right (temperature rise or fall, mechanical alarm, power turned off, etc). This gives them some comfort that any issue can be remedied before the product is impacted.

Portables 360 cold storage containers offer a quiet and cost-effective alternative to diesel units. Fresh pet food and other perishables can be safely stored in our reliable and convenient storage containers.

If your business needs on-site cold storage for food or other supplies, contact Portables 360 to learn more about our refrigerated and cold storage solutions.

Shipping Container Farms

Shipping Container Farms

The solution to a food desert is a hydroponic farm.  There is a lot of talk about food deserts and the inability to get fresh, affordable foods into some areas of the country. Inner cities are often considered a food desert area.  Because of the lack of larger grocery stores in cities, fresh foods are not as available. Having access to healthier foods improves the overall health of a community.

One of the ways that food deserts can be combated is by creating shipping container farms. Shipping containers easily convert into hydroponic growing areas that can be used year-round.

Shipping Container Hydroponic Farms

Using shipping containers to create a hydroponic farm is environmentally beneficial. To start, you are repurposing a container instead of allowing it to sit empty or enter a landfill. When you set up a hydroponic system, you are no longer stripping the soil of nutrients or overburdening the soil. Since these containers create a controlled environment setting, you will not need to use any type of pesticides to protect your crops.

Additional benefits of creating shipping container farms include:

  • Portability. You can place a shipping container anywhere there is a flat piece of ground.  This includes empty lots in a city setting.
  • You can move these containers at any time it is necessary and use them immediately in the new location.
  • Climate controlled. The containers are climate controlled.  This allows for year-round growing and higher yields with each crop.
  • Harvesting is easier and does not require large equipment to complete.
  • Helps conserve water due to being an enclosed system.
  • Can grow fruit, vegetables, or even farm fish in these containers.  This creates a fresh food source for any area.
  • A 20-foot shipping container can yield the same crops as 1 acre of land.

Everything used in the containers is environmentally friendly, including using LED lights and insulation to help regulate power usage.

hydroponic farms produce a bounty of vegetables

Portables 360 Builds Containers That Are Used For Hydroponic Farms

When you are thinking about creating a hydroponic farm, Portables 360 will help convert any sized shipping container into your growing center. We install lighting, shelving, and water systems.  Call us for whatever else you need to start your farming container.

Several companies have already begun to use shipping containers to grow crops in city settings. The success they are experiencing is amazing. It is very encouraging!  Soon, the term food desert will be something of the past.


Temperature Sensitive Chemical Storage

Temperature Sensitive Chemical Storage

Proper chemical storage is vital.  Chemicals are used in different applications each day. Things you may not even think of as a chemical, such as cans of paint, must be stored properly.  Storing chemicals properly prevents accidents.  In addition, the product will be safe. If a chemical is a stable compound, the plastic bottle that it is in must be kept in a temperature-controlled setting.  In this way, the bottle does not deteriorate and crack.  Correct chemical storage also prevents spills.

Improper storage of chemicals leads to dangerous situations. When stored improperly, chemicals become unstable and lead to explosions.  Noxious fumes leak.  There are many serious issues for people as well as the environment. The only solution is to have proper temperature-controlled chemical storage in place.

The Solution For Chemical Storage

Portables 360 has the solution for your chemical storage needs.  We provide converted shipping containers. We convert a shipping container into the perfect temperature-controlled storage for your chemicals.  Many benefits exist when using a converted shipping container for your cold storage.

  • Our cold storage units maintain a temperature of -30F to +70F. These units are very popular with the food industry.  They meet all the temperature control requirements to store food safely.
  • A single walk-in door is located at the end of the trailer. This keeps the temperature steady.
  • The flooring in the container is aluminum T-flooring.  This allows for efficient air delivery and easy to clean.  Additionally, the metal helps keep the interior cold.
  • Have the container designed to sit flat on the ground or at dock level.
  • Containers are equipped with a 50′ power cord.  They require three phase 208v or 440v to power up.
  • If you move your business, you can take the storage container with you. Storage containers are easily transported using a semi-truck.
    Portables 360 will deliver your container once it has been prepared and customized to your needs.

Do you need to safely store chemicals for a short time? In addition to selling customized shipping containers, Portables 360 offers short and long-term rental options on refrigerated containers.

Finding the right storage solutions for your chemicals is necessary for safety and protecting the products from loss. Portables 360 can customize your shipping container to accommodate any cold storage needs.