Divvies Bakery made the move from New York to Connecticut about 3 years ago.

Once they moved, the owners grappled with the idea of building a walk-in cooler to keep both their raw materials and finished products fresh (and/or frozen) both pre- and post-production.

However, once they realized the cost and time to build a walk-in, they researched and discovered another option…containerized cold storage.

As a bakery specializing in vegan and nut-free products, a cold storage container is essential to maintain the freshness of their products.

As their business grew, they added products, increased production, and required even more space.

It was then they realized the ancillary benefit of the cold storage containers. By parking the units alongside their building, they maintained the same production footprint inside the warehouse.

This enabled them to continue growing without the cost, administration, and operational impact of building a walk-in or moving to a larger facility.

The bakery was able to keep up with their increased demand by dropping another cold storage box directly next to the prior unit!

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