When you are moving, regardless of whether it is your home or office, you have three options. You can hire a moving company at a great expense.  You can rent a moving truck and have to hurry and pack and move everything quickly to reduce costs.  Or you can use a portable storage container when moving. While each of these methods has benefits, there are some additional benefits associated with using a shipping container for your move.

5 Benefits of Using Portable Storage Containers When Moving

  1. Move On Your Own Schedule 

Life does not stop just because you need to move. When you use portable shipping containers when moving, you can pack it when you have time.  In addition, your items will remain safe and secure until you are ready to unpack.

  1. Reduce Conflict In Schedules 

Each person in your home has a different schedule. Packing and moving can be quite tricky when you do not have everyone together at one time to complete all the preparation. Gradually packing the storage container according to everyone’s schedule will allow the packing to get done with minimal impact on work schedules.   Plus, each person packing their items assists not losing items.

  1. Ensure the Moving Truck is Loaded Correctly

Operating a large moving van or truck requires knowledge on how to load the vehicle properly. This is especially important if your state requires you to go through the truck scales when traveling on the interstates while moving. If your vehicle is loaded improperly, you could find yourself repacking it at a truck area so that it can pass the scales. Avoid this nightmare by merely using a shipping container for your move. 

  1. No need to Drive a Rental Truck

Yes, a large moving truck may operate the same way that your personal vehicle does, but it does not drive the same way. You must turn, back, and manage the vehicle much differently than your car. If you are not comfortable driving such a large vehicle, your move could be dangerous.  Utilizing a portable storage container eliminates this issue.

  1. Expense

Moving companies and rental trucks are expensive!  This is especially true if you are moving to another city or state.  Use of Portable storage containers when moving provide you with a safe, secure, and economical way to move your belongings to your new home or place of business. 

Portable Storage Containers When Moving

Portables 360 has several sizes and options for shipping containers.  Additionally, we offer refrigerated containers if you’re moving perishable items.  We look forward to speaking with you and meeting your containers needs!