When your business needs additional office space or storage, a shipping container is a great solution!  The first decision that you will need to make is whether you are going to buy or rent a shipping container. To help simplify this process, we recommend that you look at the following four questions to help you solve this issue. 

Considerations whether to Buy or Rent a Shipping Container


1.  What Type of Shipping Container Does Your Business Need?

If you just need a standard storage space or a simple office for a short term, renting will most likely be your best solution.  Simple office space units are designed to have climate control and office area without much else.  Whereas temporary storage units are generally climate controlled and have some shelving available inside.  However, if you need customized storage space, a custom office with a bathroom, or you need the unit for the long term, purchasing the unit will be most beneficial to you.  

2.  Length of Time Needed

Shipping containers life-span is twenty-five or more years when well maintained. Those requiring a long-term solution for office or storage space, purchasing a unit would be your best investment.  Rental units are best for short-term use or for when customization is not necessary. Any customization that is made to a rental unit must be removed before the unit is returned to the container company. 

3.  Maintenance

If your company wants to assume the maintenance for the container because you wish to customize the outside to reflect your brand, purchasing a unit will be in your best interest. Preventative maintenance on these units is effortless and can be performed once or twice a year.  Conversely, if your company does not wish to assume responsibility for the maintenance of the unit and would prefer the container company to make repairs and perform preventative maintenance, renting would be beneficial.  

4.  Budget

As with every aspect of a business, the cost is always a consideration. Renting has its advantages if you are looking for a temporary solution. With renting, however, you will also have transportation costs that factor into this rental as well as any return fees.  Purchasing the unit gives you a one-time expense. Many businesses prefer this over monthly payments. This option also allows you to fully customize your unit without having to worry about the costs associated with restoring the unit when it is returned. 

Please contact Portables360 with any questions.  We will assist you when making the decision whether to buy or rent a shipping container.