Correctly Setting Up Portable Storage Containers

Correctly Setting Up Portable Storage Containers

Transporting and setting up a shipping container will require the assistance of some heavy machinery. Most shipping containers that have been customized can weigh about 15,000 pounds! Your choices for storage container set up will either be a crane or a heavy-duty forklift that is rated for 15,000 pounds or higher. 

Storage Container Set Up

Following are benefits of using either a crane or a forklift.  If you’re unsure how to correctly set up your storage container, Portables360 will assist you.

Benefits of Using A Crane 

All containers are designed to accommodate the use of a crane for storage container transport. Routinely, these containers are lifted on and off ships.  Oftentimes they need to be stacked several high when they are used for cargo. A crane makes this type of movement very easy. 

Cranes can be useful if you need to load the shipping container straight from a ship onto a truck for transport.  In addition, cranes are important if you need to take a container off a truck and put it into a hard to reach area that a forklift cannot accommodate. Cranes are also necessary if you are going to stack containers to create a multi-container structure. 

Benefits of Using A Forklift 

When it comes to storage container transport, using a forklift to place the container on a truck is the easiest and perhaps the fastest way to move the unit.   Moving a shipping container short distances generally requires only a forklift. For instance,moving containers in a shipping yard is typically done with a forklift.  Additionally, most containers that have been customized for the client are sitting on the ground or a platform.  This is another example where  using a forklift is the right choice. 

If you are moving the container around a storage yard or around your personal property, depending on the terrain, a forklift will most likely be the right choice. Forklifts are also more accessible to many businesses in comparison to having a crane handy to move their storage units. 

Safety Matters in Storage Container Set Up

In addition to the heavy equipment necessary for storage container set up, you will also need several people to complete the task. For safety reasons, you should have one person operating the equipment and two or more people guiding the operator from different positions to make sure it is moved safely. 


Categories of Portable Shipping Containers

Categories of Portable Shipping Containers

Portable shipping containers are categorized by their length, height, and original purpose. The differences in these containers will help you decide which one will best fit your needs. Learn more about categories of Portable Shipping Containers.

Portable Container Sizes 

Most shipping containers are either 20 or 40 feet in length and stand 8.6 feet tall. There are times when you can find a 10-foot trailer or a 53-foot trailer, but these are less common. Custom-built containers may be different lengths but often fall within the 20 or 40-foot length. 

The one exception to the size rule is the High Cube container. These containers are usually 20 or 40 feet in length, but they are always 9.6 feet high, a foot higher than your standard container.  

Three Categories of Shipping Container

Single-Use Portable Containers 

The most common type of shipping container is the single-use container. These containers are built overseas.  They are packed and shipped to the United States. Then they are never used again. Shipping companies have found that it is much more cost-effective to purchase a new container for each shipment than to ship empty containers back to Asia and redistribute them to suppliers. 

These are the highest demand containers for the secondary market because they are almost new. Many of these containers are free of any type of dents or dings because they have only been in service for a few weeks before becoming available on the secondary market. 

Used Containers 

Used containers are those that have been in use for at least 15 years. These containers have been moving stock around the world and will show wear from use. Some of these containers will have rust spots, dents, and logos from the former owner on the outside. Many of these containers may also have an odor from the cargo that was transported. 

Although there are great recycling benefits for using these containers, many people want the single-use containers instead because less work has to be put into them when they are being customized. 

Purpose Built Containers 

Some companies have containers built for a special purpose. These containers have special sizes and may have special interiors.  Often they are coveted in the secondary market because they allow the end-user to customize the container more easily. 

Portables360 has several options for containers.  We look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs.


Industries Benefiting From Portable Storage Containers

Industries Benefiting From Portable Storage Containers

There are many industries that will benefit from the use of portable containers. Portable containers provide businesses with options for storage and expanded space.  Portable office space and emergency situations also benefit.  Storage containers are easy to move.  They are safe and secure.  In addition, they are easily customized to fit any need. 


There are, however, four industries that have enjoyed the most benefits from using portable storage containers: Schools, Retail or Restaurant Industry, Farming and Agriculture, and Construction and Manufacturing. 

Industries Benefiting from Portable Storage Containers


Overcrowding in schools and colleges has become a common issue in many areas around the country. Portable shipping containers offer learning institutions a way to increase space without having to invest in expensive construction. 


Portable containers can easily be converted into storage areas, special lab areas for students, and even office area if necessary. Storage containers may also be connected together and customized to create sturdy portable classrooms. 


Retail or Restaurant Industry 

One of the most important things in the retail and restaurant industry is how the business appears to the customer. The customer-facing side of your business, both inside and outside, must be appealing.  If it isn’t, customers will simply go somewhere else. 


Shipping containers provide this industry with a way to have secure storage options that will keep their businesses looking its best. Shipping containers can be placed anywhere on the property outside of the customer’s view. For restaurants, the option of having a refrigerated container also enhances the ability to keep more locally sourced and fresh foods available for your patrons. 


Farming and Agriculture 


The farming and agriculture industry has benefited in several ways when using portable containers. In addition to providing this group with secure storage for their equipment and supplies, storage containers also make a great cold storage option for cut crops. 


Specialty crops that must be grown under controlled conditions can easily be grown in a container. These containers will allow you to customize a grow area to any specification. 


Construction and Manufacturing 

Construction and manufacturing companies enjoy many benefits of using shipping containers. One of the most common uses for containers in these industries is for the creation of portable offices. When you quickly need to have an on-site office for a project, a shipping container is easily converted into that space. Electricity, internet, and plumbing can all be fitted into the unit. 


The above industries also enjoy secure storage for equipment, parts, and supplies. Other uses may include a safe way to ship parts and supplies from job site to job site. 

There are countless other uses that businesses enjoy when they get a little creative with portable shipping containers.  We look forward to helping you meet your specific needs

Shipping Container Security

Shipping Container Security

Shipping containers are designed to be sturdy and secure. These metal containers often travel across the country to move merchandise through inclement weather conditions. A shipping container is constructed from 16-gauge galvanized steel making it extremely sturdy and weather resistant. The design also includes a single cargo door making these containers secure.  

Once a shipping container is repurposed, it still provides the new owner with incredible strength and security. Since many people customize their containers by adding personnel doors and windows, additional security measures may need to be considered. Options you may want to add to your container include: 

Security Options for a Shipping Container

Keypad Entry 

If you have added a personnel door to your container, you may wish to consider adding coded access. This is especially good for containers that are in an area with heavy foot traffic or access to a public space. The coded entry can be changed for different people.  You can always monitor who has access to the unit. 

shipping container security

Security Lighting 

Shipping container security can be greatly enhanced with the proper security lighting. You can add motion-activated lighting to all areas of the unit.  Additionally, lighting can be added that you turn on and off manually. Security lighting is vital for businesses.  

Latch Guards 

If you need heavy-duty container security, you may want to consider a latch guard. Latch guards are steel pieces that are bolted over the locks on the container to prevent forced entry. When installed correctly, necessary personnel can still access the unit while others are deterred. 

Window Bars 

Many containers that are used for a work space have windows added to the unit to allow natural light to flow into the container. In some instances, these windows may present a point of entry for burglars. If security is a concern, you may want to have burglar bars installed on the windows.

shipping container security

Cargo Lock Box 

When a shipping container is used for storage, many people just leave the cargo door as the only entrance into the unit. These doors are designed to be secure.  However, if you feel that you need extra security, a lock box may be the answer. A lock box is welded around the locking mechanism of the cargo door, making it virtually impossible for anyone to use bolt cutters and destroy the locking mechanisms. 

As noted, shipping container security can be addressed by many methods.  Portables360 will help you determine the best security for your particular business.