5 Ways That the Corporate Portable Storage Business Can Help Your Business

5 Ways That the Corporate Portable Storage Business Can Help Your Business

Portable shipping containers have increasingly become popular with businesses in all industries.  This is largely because of their sturdy structure and ability to be easily secured when used for storage. However, many companies do not realize that these corporate portable storage business shipping containers can easily be modified to use for a variety of cost-saving measures for your company.


5 Ways Corporate Portable Storage Business Can Help Your Business


1.  Portable or Temporary Office

Shipping containers can be retrofitted with electricity, water, as well as heating and cooling. If your office is expanding and you need more space, a shipping container can work as a temporary office space during your expansion. Since these containers are portable, they also make great mobile office spaces for job sites. 


2.  Create A Meeting Space for Your Business

Have you found that your business is now conducting more meetings with clients and vendors? You need a dedicated meeting space to improve the professional appearance of your company. Easily convert a container into a meeting area without having to move your business for additional space. 


3.  Moving – Portable Storage for Your Corporation

Portable shipping containers were designed to move goods across long distances safely. If you need to move your office, pack the container and have your items shipped to the new location.  Safely and efficiently! 


4.  Business Trade Shows Storage 

Trade shows are a necessity for many businesses. However, storing the items required for the show can become burdensome.  Most trade show items are not used on a weekly basis. You can create a trade show container to hold all of your items.  When it’s time to go to the show, simply have the container shipped to the area to unload. This also keeps all your trade show items safely protected and organized between uses. 


corporate portable storage business

5.  Video Studio

Video marketing is something that all businesses benefit from when marketing on the Internet. People like to see how a product or service works prior to making the purchase. Shooting a video can be hard in a regular setting because of interruption, noise, and other factors that contribute to poor quality.  When you set up a recording studio in a shipping container, you have created a controlled environment to produce quality videos to market your product. 

Of course, shipping containers will always provide exceptional storage solutions for businesses because they are solidly constructed and weather resistant. They are also easy to secure and can be placed anywhere on your business property for added convenience. 


Coronavirus Impact Shipping Containers

Coronavirus Impact Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used in multiple ways.  They’re also used in multiple crises. But how exactly will the coronavirus pandemic affect their daily uses as more and more people are being exposed to a virus we have not yet been able to control?  Coronavirus impact shipping containers are currently topics of interest.

Shipping containers have thus far been able to handle the outbreak without much difference in their routines. However, the longer this pandemic continues, the more damage is expected to occur.  It has become clear that COVID-19 is not just a typical flu.  With major shutdowns occurring across the globe, it has been changing how companies should respond. 

With Chinese port operators reporting volume decreases by as much as 40% from the end of January to the beginning of February, it is expected we will see similar rates of decline across the globe as the pandemic continues. On average 105 shipments of containers are to be cancelled each month.  This represents a loss of close to $1 billion. While this money will be made up later on, it still presents short-term damage. 

The global hope is that the world begins to get back to normal within a few weeks.  On the other hand, the worst case could see this continue for so long that the global economy is sent to its knees. 

Using historical data from other outbreaks such as SARS, MERS, and Ebola, COVID-19 could be better understood fairly quickly.  This will allow for a faster government response which will allow life to return to normal. 

A faster return to normal is important for the shipping world as Chinese factories will begin to increase production and churn out more and more products. Prior to the outbreak, economics forecasters already believed GDP growth would fall by as much as 0.2 to 0.8 points.  

Coronavirus impact shipping containers

However, the current situation requires a re-evaluation which has resulted in several scenarios.  While there are many scenarios for the global shipping container industry, following are the top three scenarios. 

Coronavirus & Global Shipping Container Industry

Scenario A 

This scenario has a positive outlook.  It predicts returning to the original, pre-outbreak forecast. It remains as an option if cases that arise outside of China are merely a statistical blip. This suggestion sees slight downgrades in shipping with extra loaders needed later on to handle the backlog from China. This scenario is possible if people strictly adhere to the recommendations for flattening the curve of the pandemic. 

Scenario B 

The quarantine approach seems to be working. As a result, normal economic activity should be expected to resume in China before the second quarter. However, the problem may then move along the line as other countries are affected with some countries better able to handle the virus than others.  Again, this scenario is dependent upon people following protocols to flatten the curve. Coronavirus impact shipping containers.

Scenario C 

With a number of experts stating the number of cases could be 10 times what is being reported, this scenario suggests that cases will begin to increase if people return to their regular lives too quickly. The end result of this would be a global recession and decrease in container shipping. 

The more governments and medical professionals share information, the faster each country will be able to flatten the curve.  Economies have been strong.  There is every belief that each country’s economy will bounce back. 

As countries bounce back, and even in the process of recovering, there will be an increased need to ship goods and medicines in shipping containers.  The container industry has a proven record of being reliable, safe, and affordable.  In addition, they are large and portable. 

We encourage you to follow protocols set by your country in an effort to flatten the curve.  Stay well. 


5 Long-Term Storage Tips and How to Get the Most Out of Your Portable Shipping Container

5 Long-Term Storage Tips and How to Get the Most Out of Your Portable Shipping Container

Shipping containers are one of the best storage solutions currently available. These weatherproof units are easy to secure and can be conveniently modified to contain shelving and lighting which makes storing your goods more accessible.

To help make storing your items for a short or long-term period as well as an overall satisfying experience, you are encouraged to use the following 5 tips for your shipping container:


5 Shipping Container Storage Tips


1. Use Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins provide many advantages over boxes and bags. These bins are airtight which keeps moisture away from your items.  It also helps prevent bugs and other unwanted “guests” from entering your belongings. Storage shipping containers are airtight and have good seals on the doors.  However, the added protection of plastic bins is always beneficial.

2. Label Everything and Create A Master List

You should label the outside of each container clearly and then keep a master list of what is inside. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to get at something that you put into storage but do not know where it is in the container. Time is saved, and frustration is reduced when you have a master list.

3. Pack the Container With A Plan

When you pack the shipping container, place items that you do not need as often in the back.  More frequently used items should be in the front.  This will make your belongings more accessible whenever you need to pull something out of storage.

4. Take Advantage of Shelving

Shelves help you keep your stored items more organized. They also help keep your things off the ground if there is a potential for water or other debris to enter into the storage container when the door is opened. If you take care of your container and check the seals around the door biannually, you should not have any issues with water coming into the unit.

5. Clean Furniture Before Storing

You should have your furniture cleaned before storing.  Mold or mildew will not form on the fabrics while in storage. Unless you are running a temperature-controlled unit, the temperature will change inside the shipping storage container during the year. This makes conditions susceptible to mold and mildew. Prevention is key to a clean storage container. Cleaned furniture will also be nicer to take out of storage and use at a later date.

These five simple storage container tips can make using a shipping container for storage much easier and more beneficial to you and your loved ones.


How Steel Shipping Containers Increase Job Site Mobility

How Steel Shipping Containers Increase Job Site Mobility

The oil and gas industry are unique in their need for job site mobility, employee housing, and equipment storage. Oil and gas exploration and pumping take place in some of the harsher climates of the country. From Arctic tundra to desert heat and jungle climates, these companies and their employees face conditions that most companies never experience. Benefits of shipping containers.

To provide workable office space, storage facilities, and employee housing in these types of conditions, oil and gas companies cannot rely on your typical trailer or mobile home. These structures cannot withstand severe conditions and can leave a company and its employees facing unnecessary lost time. 

The Benefits of Steel Shipping Containers 

Benefits of shipping containers.  The solution to this problem is using converted steel shipping containers for mobile offices, storage, and employee housing. These containers were designed to be strong and to withstand severe temperatures and weather fluctuations.  In addition, their contents are easily secured.

Shipping containers can be customized to meet the needs of the company. Electricity, running water, and climate control can be installed into these containers with little expense. Windows, doors, and other necessities, such as shelving, can be added to a container with ease. These containers can also be connected together and retrofitted if you need a larger space. 

The steel construction of these containers makes them more durable than your standard mobile home. These containers will withstand strong winds, rain, ice, and snow. Even more beneficial is the ability to move shipping containers into different temperature ranges for different jobs.  You will not have to make any adjustments to keep them functional. 

For storage purposes, steel shipping containers are perfect. With a single entrance that seals completely airtight, you can easily control security for all of your equipment. Additionally, you can also have lighting and shelving installed to hold smaller items. 

Employee housing in desolate places is often an issue. Shipping containers are easily converted into living spaces that are both comfortable and functional. When the job is complete, you can move it to the next site.  This makes the transition for your employees much easier as well. 

Retrofitting shipping containers provides the oil and gas industry with a logical, cost-effective solution to their on-site office, storage, and housing needs.