The Proper Way to Pack a Portable Storage Container

The Proper Way to Pack a Portable Storage Container

Portable storage containers have found many uses in recent years. In addition to shipping goods, these containers have been used to construct homes and hotels, build offices, create emergency shelters, and generate grow areas for specialty plants and foods.  

Portable storage containers have become workshops and garages, on-site offices, and even training facilities for fire and rescue workers. It is truly amazing what can be done with a shipping container. 

However, when you get back to basics, these shipping containers are made for just that – shipping goods. Many people have found that a portable container makes the perfect space for shipping their personal or business belongings over long distances.  

Portable containers are weatherproof, solidly built, and some even have refrigeration if you need to keep your goods at a certain temperature during transport. Knowing how to pack a storage container is important. Regardless of how sturdy these containers are, for the best protection of your items, you should: 

Pack the Heaviest Items in the Middle 

To keep your container balanced while it is being picked up and set down, it is always better to pack your heaviest items in the middle of the container. Make sure that you secure them to the container so that they do not shift when the container is being moved.  

Pack all of your other belongings around the heavy items until the container is full. Make sure that you have space to open and close the door. You should always secure boxes and other items with bungee cords or stops, even if they are lightweight.  Adjustable straps are excellent for keeping items from shifting during travel. 

If you are packing a refrigerated container, you will want to make sure that the airflow is not interrupted in the container. The air conditioning works by circulating the cold air throughout the trailer.  Usually this is accomplished through vents in the flooring. Make sure that all of your vents are open and that nothing is blocking the hoses running the system. This will help protect your items from temperature damage. 

If you are traveling over long distances, or through areas where there will be weather changes from your current temperatures, make sure that your items are protected from the weather change. Unless you have already insulated the shipping container, there is a risk that the container could become very hot or very cold when you are moving to a different climate. Items like electronics, vinyl records, DVDs or CDs can all be negatively impacted by temperature changes. If the items you have packed in the container will be harmed by severe temperature changes, you need to take precautions. 

The final thing to remember when you pack a storage container is to put all the light or breakable items at the top of boxes or bins. Moving can be difficult for delicate items.  Take your time and ensure you have protected and secured everything as well as possible.  

Shipping Container Maintenance Guide

Shipping Container Maintenance Guide

Purchasing a portable shipping container is a cost-effective way of creating more space without having to invest in building a new structure. Shipping containers can be used for storage, customized into an office space or workshop area, used for growing food or specialty plants, and even make great emergency assistance housing. 

However, it is very important that once you have purchased a shipping container that you keep up with the maintenance on it to ensure many years of use. 

Maintenance Tips For Shipping Containers 
The Roof 

You should make sure that the roof of your container is kept clean of debris and that you do not allow water to pool on it for extended periods. Although these containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, allowing debris, water, or ice to remain on the roof can lead to rusting if there are any knicks or scratches in the paint. 

Although these containers are designed to be stacked on top of each other, it is important to realize that the corner areas are reinforced for this type of weight, not the entire roof. If you are going to store stuff on top of your container, make sure it is light enough not to cause the roof to bow. 

Windows and Doors 

It is recommended that you replace any loose caulking around the windows and doors and the weather stripping to keep your container airtight. This helps keep the weather out and your property protected.  

You are also encouraged to oil the hinges on the windows and doors once per year. This keeps them moving freely and easy to use. Time and weather conditions can lead to rust in these areas, and the oil coating will help prevent rust damage. 

gray with red trim shipping container building

Plumbing, Electrical and Heating, and Cooling 

At least once a year, you should complete a routine check on all of your plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling equipment installed in the container. Clean hoses, replace items that look worn, and replace filtration systems. If you use any of these, it’s a lot, such as plumbing for growing, you may want to complete this maintenance twice per year. 


Always check the foundation for your container at least once per year. Settling will occur, even with a cement foundation, and this could cause your container to be tilted. Leveling your container will help keep the container from experiencing tension in areas that could lead to a loss of structural integrity. 

Cleaning the Outside 

It is also important to keep the outside of your container clean. Use a mild detergent and a hose to clean off the outside of the container. This will eliminate mildew build up in areas that are humid and keep debris from affecting the paint. Check the paint for knicks or chips and touch them up accordingly. This will help prevent the container from rusting. 

These simple maintenance tips will ensure that you get extended use from your shipping container. 

Contact Portables360 for assistance with all of you portable shipping container requirements.

Portable Container Office – Answer for Business

Portable Container Office – Answer for Business

Portable office solution is necessary for business. Companies need portable offices.  They opt for trailers or mobile units. Sadly, these offices often do not have indoor plumbing capabilities.  Once moved, they quickly lose their structural integrity. Oftentimes, portable offices are used once or twice before needing to be replaced. 

The best solution for a portable office is a retrofitted standard portable shipping container. Shipping containers easily are converted into a working office space with electricity, heating and cooling, and indoor plumbing. Think of how much happier your employees will be when they don’t have to go outside in all types of weather to use the port-o-potty. 

These shipping containers are sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions, and when moved, their structural integrity stays firm. You can build a portable office and move it many times for many years before you may need to think about upgrading. 

If you are considering a portable office solution for your company, these are the questions you should ask: 

Does My Company Need A Portable Office Area?

remodeled shipping containers used for business

If you need a working office area, such as at a construction site, you will love the convenience that converting a shipping container into an office provides. These containers are fully customizable and easy to move to each job site. 

I Want A Cost-Effective Solution 

Investing in a shipping container for portable office use is very cost-effective, and the office will withstand weather, time, and continual moving. You will be able to use this type of office significantly more than a standard trailer, which often has to be replaced after each use.  Portables360 offers your the option to buy or rent portable shipping containers.

Transporting The Portable Office 

interior showing classroom in shipping containerInstead of needing special trucking equipment and permits to move a trailer, you can have your shipping container office moved using a regular semi-truck. This is another convenient and cost-cutting benefit to using these containers over other building choices. Even the military has discovered the benefits of using portable shipping containers!

What About Building A Permanent Office? 

Shipping containers are the perfect resource for building a permanent office structure. Many construction companies have already begun to create homes, apartments, and hotels by using these containers.  

You can connect several containers together.   Additionally, you can stack them several containers high. The building can be fully customized to your needs. Using containers instead of new building drops the cost of your construction significantly, and you are protecting the environment by reusing building materials. 

Shipping containers have increased in demand over the last several years.  More people are discovering the many uses these solid-built containers provide. 

6 Portable Shipping Container Storage Benefits

6 Portable Shipping Container Storage Benefits

Portable shipping container storage benefits.  Businesses that operate seasonal equipment need creative storage solutions for their equipment during the off season. This equipment can take up large amounts of space when not in use, leading to overcrowding of work areas. Equipment left out in the yard areas of a business are subject to damage from the weather, animal or pest interaction, or even theft. 

The solution to this problem is simple. Businesses can take advantage of portable storage containers to use as storage facilities for their temporary storage needs. Portable shipping container storage benefits.

The Benefits Of Portable Shipping Container Storage 

There are many benefits associated with using portable containers as a storage facility for your equipment. Every business expects to enjoy the following perks when using a portable shipping container for storage. 

  1. Cost-Effective – Portable storage containers will be very beneficial to your company budget. Using a container will be less expensive than storing your equipment offsite or paying for a public storage unit.  Portable storage containers may be rented or purchased from Portables360.
  1. Convenience – You can have the shipping container placed anywhere on your property. This allows for easy access any time you need to change your seasonal equipment.
  1. Safety – Shipping containers are very secure. There is only one entrance into most containers, making them easy to lock up when the equipment is not in use. The containers also have air-tight seals on their doorways. This type of seal protects your equipment from weather conditions and helps keep unwanted pests away from your machinery.
  1. Organization – You can design the interior of your container to meet the needs of your company. Shelving or hanging equipment can be placed inside of the container so that you can organize your equipment while it is stored. This will also help you track your equipment while in storage and reduce instances of theft.
  1. Work Area – When you’re in the off season, it is the perfect time to perform preventative maintenance and other repairs and upgrades. Having a portable shipping container shed area will provide you with a roofed area where you can perform these duties without being interrupted by the weather.
  1. Portability – Shipping containers were originally designed to be portable. If you find that you need to move your equipment for any reason, such as moving to a larger facility, you can easily move large quantities of equipment and supplies by simply moving the container.

portable storage container

Portable shipping containers are available in different sizes so your business can get what they need for storage. Refrigerated containers are also available if the company needs special storage for chemicals or similar products that they use with their equipment.