Portable Shipping Containers and the Military

Portable Shipping Containers and the Military

Military shipping containers. The military faces many challenges each day that are not combat-related.  The military is called in to help during natural disasters around the country.  Portables360 can assist with your cold storage solutions when this happens.  One of the military’s primary duties when providing disaster relief, after security has been established, is creating housing for the displaced survivors of the disaster and portable storage containers offer a viable solution. 

Portable shipping containers are a resourceful way of creating secure housing that is affordable, durable, and easy to transport into any area of the world. These containers can quickly be converted into temporary living quarters. Containers can be customized for a comfortable living space that is safe, secure, and weather-resistant. 

Portable Shipping Containers and the Military

Pop-Up Barracks 

Another potential military use for portable shipping containers is housing for the troops when they have been deployed. Portable shipping containers are easy to move around the world and are secure and sturdy enough to provide safe shelter for troops anywhere that they may need to go. Portable shipping containers are also available in 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot sizes.

The military can also benefit from using these portable shipping containers as temporary housing on U.S. bases as the military continues to upgrade the barracks on our own bases. 

repurposed portable shipping container used for military barracks

Storage Facilities 

When the military is moving supplies overseas or around the country, having customized portable shipping containers can make the job easier. These secure containers have only one entrance.  This makes them easy to keep locked. They are air-tight and weather-resistant.  Therefore, anything that you ship will stay in its best condition. 

Refrigerated portable shipping containers are perfect for shipping food products and medical supplies. Temperatures can be set so that the products can remain at a specific temperature or be frozen.  

All portable shipping containers can be customized with shelving and electricity so that you can move the products in the best way possible with reduced loss and increased security. Portables360 can customize a portable shipping container to suit your needs.

Portable shipping containers have also been very successful in housing generators when the military needs to bring power into an area. The generator unit can be placed inside the container.  An exhaust port can be customized to the roof of the container.  The generator is protected while in use. 

Portable Command Center 

portable storage containers in the military

Portable shipping containers are also handy to convert into a portable command center. Since the military is called into areas where there may not be an active base, a container can be retrofitted to work as a command center for any operation. 

These portable shipping containers can be wired for electricity, have air conditioning, and have all the customized needs such as work areas, shelving, and entrances placed into the unit to make it fully functional. 



Get Organized with Shipping Containers

Get Organized with Shipping Containers

Getting organized with shipping containers. January is often called National Get Organized Month. It is a fresh start to the New Year, and everyone attempts to get organized. It’s a time to lessen the chaos in your life!  This is one of the reasons that all of the major retailers put storage bins and desk organizing items on sale during this month.

But what happens if you have tried your best to get organized and now all you see is a bunch of plastic storage totes lining up around your walls at home? You may have organized your belongings, but your house remains cluttered.

organizing with shipping containers


One option would be a shipping container. Shipping containers are available in 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot sizes.  Having a shipping container delivered to your home will give you the space you need to store your goods in a weather-proof and secure location. You can place the container anywhere on your property.  In addition, since they are easy to move, you can also use it when you move.

More Ways to be Organized with Shipping Containers

Moving has never been easier than when you use a shipping container! Fill the container with your personal belongings and have the entire container shipped to your new address. This is significantly easier and less expensive than hiring a moving company. Your items will remain protected from the weather and will be secure.  An added bonus – you can take your time unpacking.  Instead of the hustle and bustle of putting several boxes in the general location of where they belong, tackle the move on your time.

Another added benefit, when you arrive at your new home, you can have the container placed in an area where you can use it for long-term storage. There is no reason to pay for storage facilities that you have to drive to every time you need one of your belongings. Simply walk out back and get what you need and put your items back into storage when you are done.  Shipping containers and organization go hand-in-hand.  Making them part of your landscape can be as elaborate as you choose.  Plant some shrubs.  Create a deck by the entrance.  Paint a scene on the container.  The sky’s the limit!

Shipping Container Options

Storage containers are available in different sizes and can have different door configurations if you desire. You can even get a container that has temperature control if you are worried about the items you are storing being damaged from too much heat or cold.

Storage containers offer a sturdy storage system that is built to withstand severe weather conditions. All storage containers have air-tight doors to prevent weather conditions and unwanted pests from entering into your storage area. Additionally, if you choose a container with one door, they are extremely easy to secure.

Storage containers can be retrofitted for add-on options such as  lighting, shelving, and other customization that would make using one as a storage space ideal. And when you are ready to move, these containers can be simply placed on a truck and taken to your new location.

Now is the time to contact Portables360 to help with all of your shipping container storage needs.