Benefits of Living in a Shipping Container

Benefits of Living in a Shipping Container

There is a modern appeal to living in a shipping container. The possibilities are endless.  The cost can be much less than a traditional home.  The timing for completion can be minimal.  The security can be immense!

If at first you think container homes sound absolutely dreadful, read on. You think of a dark container stripped of any comforts?  Definitely read on. If you think container homes are only one way of taking a frugal lifestyle to the next level, you have to read on!

Container homes are the exact opposite of dark and dank and dreary. Shipping containers offer so many benefits for building a great living space!  We will outline only a few in this article.  Be encouraged to seek out more ideas.  Container home living is up and coming.  The sky is the limit!  Truly.

entering an open door into a shipping container home 

Benefits of Living in a Container Home

Following are five main reasons that you should consider using shipping containers for your next home building project. 

  1. They are environmentally friendly in many ways. First, you are upcycling a shipping container. Second, you are eliminating the need for many building materials. Even sustainable building materials will be conserved. And third, most shipping containers are insulated. This reduces the amount of energy you will need to heat and cool your home.
  2. Shipping containers are 100 percent customizable. You can make every part of the interior and exterior your design. You can weld together several containers for a large home or enjoy a tiny home design. A little bit of imagination can go a very long way in home design.
  3. Shipping containers are very affordable. You can create a home with 1,200 square feet of space for less than $10,000 for the structure. Add in everything else, depending on your tastes, and you could have a new home for around $40,000. This estimate, of course, is based on what you desire, not on actual costs. $40k is a third of what a small home in most areas sells for in previously lived-in conditions. 
  4. Off-site construction. If you are moving to a remote area, you can construct and create a majority of your home in another area and then transport the finished container to your new homesite. Securing the container. You are ready to move in! Being able to work on your home off-site if you chose can reduce time and money necessary.
  5. Depending on the design, your home can be portable. If you plan to move your container home in the future, you will need to make sure you take the right steps during the initial construction to make this easier. 

Consider This

Shipping container homes continue to emerge in the housing market as more people find that this is precisely what they want in a home. These homes are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to design to the tastes and needs of the owner.  Consider this unique way of living!


Garden in a Box 

Garden in a Box 

Shipping container garden. Growing plants in shipping containers has become increasingly popular as an economical choice for having a shipping container garden.  Shipping containers are being used for building homes, storage units, and even health care clinics in remote destinations. Many organizations have found these upcycled containers to be perfect for transporting goods.  Setting up service centers in disaster zones is another vital use for containers. Now a new use has been found for shipping containers: farming or gardening. 

Shipping containers are a perfect solution for gardening, specialty crops, or making space to grow fresh food in an area without available land. These containers can be fitted with shelving, grow lights, watering systems, and everything else you would need to grow fresh food and specialty plants or flowers.  Portable360 can modify your shipping container with the following add on options.

shipping container garden

Imagine the possibilities.  

Imagine a restaurant creating a shipping container garden behind their venue so that they have “fresh to table” options. An apartment complex can start a community garden for residents to enjoy. Farmers that want to increase crop output or raise specialty crops can use containers and reserve their ground space for other plants.  

You can control the temperature and growing conditions in a shipping container much easier than having to rely on the weather. Refrigerated containers are perfectly insulated.  If you need ultra-controlled growing conditions, you can opt for a refrigerated container. 

A New Resource For Schools  

Many schools have stopped offering classes or clubs related to gardening or agriculture. Many school districts try to devote their limited space to technology and science. A shipping container garden, however, can be the perfect option to teach children how to grow their food. 

A container garden is also the perfect way to teach children the science behind growing plants, soil management and conservation.  Even teaching innovative growing methods like hydroponics is possible in a recycled shipping container. 

shipping container garden

Cost Effective Farming Method 

One of the best benefits of a shipping container garden is the fact that these containers are very affordable. It is just more cost-effective to purchase a new or used shipping container and convert it into a growing area than it is to construct a greenhouse. Everyone can benefit from how affordable these containers are when used as a place to grow crops.  The durability of a mobile storage container garden versus a traditional greenhouse is also a huge benefit.

Another benefit to growing food in a recycled portable container is how quickly you can bring your crops to harvest. In a controlled growing space like a shipping container, you can bring your crops to harvest in a matter of weeks for fast-growing foods because you always control the growing conditions. You do not have to worry about pest infestations, wild animals, or drought and heat issues slowing your growing season.