Pharmaceutical Storage

Pharmaceutical Storage

Pharmaceutical products must be managed carefully after production to ensure their quality until they reach the end consumer. This is especially important when it comes to temperature control. Many pharmaceutical products can lose their potency.  They may become harmful if they are subjected to extreme heat or cold.

In fact, some medications like vaccines need to be kept cold at all times because of their components. Allowing these medicines to become warm before use makes them ineffective.

Customizable climate controlled storage container

Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions

Storing pharmaceutical products requires a secure storage container that offers temperature and humidity control. The easiest solution that meets these guidelines is refrigerated shipping containers.

A refrigerated container offers you a secure space to store your pharmaceutical products. The thick walls prevent anyone from tampering with the unit and trying to enter it.  The single entrance is easy to secure. You can also place the unit in a position that allows for easy monitoring of the entrance.

The interior of the unit can be customized with shelving or other racks for storage. Lighting can be installed for convenience and safety. The cooling system can be monitored from the outside at all times.  This will reduce the number of times the unit needs to be opened.  In this way, efficient climate control is achieved.

The cooling unit on the container is also designed to circulate the air within the container instead of just pumping in cool air. Circulated air ensures that all the product receives consistent cooling. This eliminates the potential for damage to pharmaceuticals placed near the end of the unit.  Consistent temperature is imperative for pharmaceutical storage.

storage of medications in climate controlled shipping containers

Emergency Services and Disaster Relief

Refrigerated shipping containers also provide a great way to move pharmaceutical products into emergency areas or areas where disasters have struck. These secure storage containers are easy to transport and can bring in viable and essential medications to areas in crisis.

Storage containers are also the right choice for moving pharmaceutical products and vaccinations into areas where there is limited access to medication. Health organizations and charity groups can help those in need by transporting medications and vaccinations into third-world areas without the threat of unauthorized access or spoilage.

Benefit Of Cold Storage Containers

Pharmacies and medical centers can also benefit from secure cold storage units at their place of business. Using a secure storage container is a cost-effective way of pharmaceutical storage without having to make significant changes to a building. If your business needs additional space, you can use a storage container for your pharmaceutical products instead of building additional storage space or having to move your business.

Marijuana Storage

Marijuana Storage

One of the keys to a successful marijuana crop is being able to store the harvested crop correctly. Cannabis growers can safely store marijuana that has been cured for about a year if it is stored in the right conditions. When stored properly, the marijuana will not lose its taste, smell or potency which is important in long term marijuana storage.

Storing your crop gives you better control of when to sell your product. If the market is flooded when your crop is harvested, you can store the product until a time when you can get a better price. Proper marijuana storage containers also allow you to sell during off-season periods when demand remains high but availability is low.

Proper Marijuana Storage Conditions

To store your cured cannabis correctly, you will need a dark place that is temperature and humidity-controlled. Exposure to sunlight, water or dampness, or temperatures that are warm or hot or too cold can cause the crop to spoil.

You need to be able to seal the product in a storage area that can be easily monitored for temperature and moisture and gives 100 percent protection from exposure to the sun.

The best choice for this type of storage facility is a refrigerated shipping container. When it comes to controlled temperature storage, these containers provide you with everything you need.

Marijuana Storage

Benefits of Refrigerated Containers for Marijuana Storage:

  • Complete darkness.  Storage container lighting is important for when you are working inside. Other than that, your cannabis should remain in darkness as much as possible.
  • Controlled temperature. You can manage and monitor the temperature from outside the container for convenience.
  • Humidity control. You can control the humidity in these controlled temperature storage units because they are air-tight.
  • Sufficient space. You can place shelving in the unit or store your crop in containers.
  • Cooling system. These containers are designed to circulate the air in the container.  They do not just push cool air in one side and hope it reaches the other end at the same temperature. Your crops will remain fresh regardless of their location in the container.

As a final benefit of using a cold storage shipping container, you can easily secure your crop.  With only one entrance to the storage unit, security does not have to be elaborate.

It takes four months to grow a crop for harvesting (Ever considered using a shipping container for a grow room?). It can take less than five days to ruin a crop from improper storage. Opting for a refrigerated shipping container is a cost-effective way to protect your crop while in storage for up to a year.

The Importance of Airflow Management in Reefer Trailers

The Importance of Airflow Management in Reefer Trailers

Airflow management in reefer containers and trailers – It may not seem like something that an average person would think about. Airflow in a refrigerated container versus that in a traditional container is not something that an average person would think about. But if you are moving fresh produce or other refrigerated products, it is a very important subject.

There is a huge difference in refrigerated (reefer) trailers and containers. The air flow moves differently in each of these containers, and it makes a difference in how well the cargo is preserved. Poor air flow circulation can cause the product to be partially or entirely ruined before it arrives at its destination.

Airflow Management in Trailers vs. Containers

Airflow in a reefer trailer is pushed in through the top of the trailer and circulated from the back of the trailer to the front. Along the way, the air becomes warmer because of the distance it has to travel before being recycled through the refrigeration unit again. This means that much of the product at the front of the trailer is being held at a warmer temperature than that at the back. This can lead to product loss and contamination.

Airflow in a reefer container is handled much differently. The cold air is pumped into the container from the bottom of the unit. This is done because of the way the floors are made in the container. Known as a “T” floor, the air flows more evenly through the container and remains cooler throughout the recycling process. This results in the product being kept in a more stable and safer temperature environment.

Reefer trailers do not use the T floor in their units because of the additional weight this adds. Trailers are restricted by weight limits, and reefer trailer manufacturers would prefer more space in their trailers than more weight. So, the top airflow system is used.

Diagram of how airflow moves in cold storage containers

Peace of Mind with Containers

If you are concerned with the safety and quality of your cold storage units, you may wish to convert to cold storage or reefer containers instead of using trailers. The containers will protect the product more effectively and reduce overall spoilage.

Portables 360 offers two different types of reefer containers. Each container is capable of easily maintaining a temperature of -20 degrees to 70 degrees. This allows companies to transport a wide variety of products using the same containers. Investing in refrigerated containers is a very cost-effective way to transport your product safely while reducing loss.